Sunday Funnies – LOLs, March 28th, 2021

From the Theodicy Dept.
The (still) “new” Nancy strip is many different things, to different people, from time to time. But here it seems to score a pretty direct LOL!

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And in the “Nothing new under the Sun?” Department:

Hey Geezers, remember when U.S. foreign policy tensions were focused on Russia and China?

There’s hurricanes in Florida and Texas needs rain …

Covid (in)consistencies, part 2

Some more covid (in)consistency comics.

From Andréa.

Here the “consistency” issue arises when the character watches old movies.

Dreams also needs to be consistent!

A GoComics commenter commented: ” Nancy (the strip) has had a bit of an uneasy relationship with the pandemic. I don’t think masks have been needed in the same way they were in, say, Arlo and Janis or Luann or Betty, but it makes it a little weird when they’re needed for the joke.”  

It took me (Winter Wallaby) an exceptionally long time to parse the sequence of events in this strip.

We will control the vertical…


I guess this doesn’t really deserve the Geezer tag because, while GoComics ran this today, it was drawn almost 70 years ago.

It’s probably a CIDU for many people without an AARP card, though, so for the sake of you youngsters, television sets used to require frequent manual adjustments to things like the vertical hold.

But that’s not what we’re here to discuss:

Do you think anybody, outside of comics and cartoons, has actually ever been crushed by a falling safe or piano? And if so, would you say safes and pianos are more or less dangerous than banana peels?

And is anybody starting to think my cabin fever as already begun setting in?