Keeping things current?

This comic ended in 2012, and is in reruns. But apparently someone is working to update the comics, and keep the date “right.”

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I’m impressed that they’re keeping things in sync enough that a post-New Years comic is running a little after January 1st, and that someone is actually reading the comic and noticing that the year needs updating. On the other hand, I find it a little jarring to see the date changed on old comics to makes storylines “recent,” when I remember them occurring a decade ago. And on the gripping hand, I find it immensely jarring to see these characters discussing how “a lot happened in 2020,” and not including the most prominent and obvious thing that happened in 2020.

What do you think?

(And as a side note: Does listing all the things that happened during the year seem like a strange response to “Where did [the year] go?”)