Sunday Funnies – LOLs, May 16th, 2021

More on the Sad-LOL bandwagon!

Trying for diversity in the writers room.

And from the The Cartoonist knows more than the Character Department:

And circling back to where we began, another Mannequin:

Don Knotts’ Family

From chemgal.

(Not a mirage! You are seeing two copies of the comic. Temporarily there really are two posted. This is a tech experiment. Viewers who have a difference in how easy the two are to display on your device, or in how easy they are to read, please feel free to put in comments — particularly if your device is a phone. Thanks!)

Let’s try another comparison, to avoid confounding factors.

OMG that is terrible! Well, I guess I learned something, even if not real clear what …

What if we make it really tiny, give it rounded corners, and put the comment as a purple caption?