Poll: your favorite Trudeau

Speaking of Garry Trudeau, Phil Smith III sent in the following recent Doonesbury and reports that the commenting crew at Go Comics didn’t get far with this. Your Editors, meanwhile, confess to not having recently followed Doonesbury closely enough to even know what it would be to get somewhere with an explanation of this episode. But Phil will be on hand to help propel the comments here. Apparently the crux is just what they said or did to lead Mel to face-plant like that.

What exactly was Trudeau thinking here?


So… a Christian father says “Merry Christmas” to his Christian son and that ignites an argument? No, not in this or any other known universe.

This strip could have been written by one of the people who insist that liberals want to ban Christians from saying “Merry Christmas” to other Christians, and I’m pretty sure that isn’t what Trudeau actually believes.

Mallard Fillmore, maybe…