Sunday Funnies for a new year! – LOLs, January 3rd, 2021

This LOL-Homage contributed by Andréa

Is it too soon or too late for one more Santa LOL?


Bllss (and Martin) on their own and on GoComics

Bliss in the New Yorker:

We *did* crack a smile, even if not literally LOL. But no doubt this must be “a LOL comic” by virtue of subject matter!

One ringy-dingy… two ringy-dingy…


Even putting aside the fact that “They never should have broken up Ma Bell” is a Geezer reference the character is way too young to be using (as pointed out by Andréa), what does he even mean? That if Bell Telephone hadn’t been broken up there wouldn’t be any any cell phones or computers today?