Saturday Morning Oys – July 17th, 2021

From Andréa, as a kind of Arlo-OY:

Also Andréa:

This is not a full-fledged Sunday comic, but the intro and the two “throwaway” panels. Yet here is where the funny bit was!

From Mark Jackson:

Of course people have always thought “Ira Roth” could be someone’s name.

Oh wait! Just noticed that Arnold Zwicky’s blog goes into linguistic and referential detail about this one.

Sunday Funnies – LOLs, November 22nd, 2020

“This explains a lot” says Stan:

From Andréa:

But he still gets a lot of “Oh yeah? What did it use to be?”.

“To Serve Man”.
(Color version posted by Andréa in comments to Oh Deer Me thread!)

School for gifted neonates!

Never runs out.

A LOL-Eww from Bob Ball.

“Who will you be wearing to the awards?”

This is what the caption field within an Image Block looks like, for the curious.

Bonus for a lazy Sunday afternoon — The Polls are Open

But truth to tell, we just wanted an excuse to try out the poll feature and see if it really works. So here are two cases where various and sundry editors and senders-in were unsure whether and how to agree on how something would be taken, and said: let the vox pop have a say.

First up, Boise Ed sent this one in as a CIDU, asking: “What does the Casper the Friendly Ghost toon have to do with mattresses?”

However, it turns out the puzzle entirely dissolves, and the connection is clear, for people who happen to be aware of a certain fact. But is this a fact most readers will know, or only a few? And then, when you do know, is the cartoon a good joke, or a shrug?

Please record your view in the poll just below. And commenters, please refrain from explaining it all for about 24 hours, if you don’t mind. Thanks!

Next up, Andréa and Chak both sent in this Reality Check of a giant feline on the rampage!

It’s been called a CIDU, a LOL/Oy , and an Ewww. As CIDU: “What is this, just Catzilla? Or is there more to it?” . The Oy factor is the wordplay from the usual sense of “Big box store” for the kind of building, to an idea that it could mean a place to obtain a big box. The Ewww might be if you thought the giant cat wanted to find a suitably large litter box. And the LOL reading is still with the idea of obtaining a very big box, but just for the giant cat’s comfort and amusement — just like your housecat, who will play with and curl up in an empty cardboard box even in preference to the toy or pet bed that may have come in it.