Yes, time to call for submissions again!

We are running short on just about all categories.

Time for you to send some in!

CIDU — most needed! But don’t be alarmed if these are subject to editorial scrutiny and may get some return questions – or an explanation if evident.

LOL & OY – We would like to get away from editors’ curations and more back to CIDU-Bill’s practice of forming these weekly lists from reader selections on an almost no-questions-asked basis. If something strikes you as really hilarious, or excellently punny, send it in on that basis, and it can appear in these lists subject only to questions of appropriateness (in the ‘good taste’ sense). [Don’t forget to sign or mention how you would like the credit to appear – our mental mappings from email address to commenting name are quite subliminal.)

Ewww — Not so hot on these, actually. Okay if there is a level of really-funny or something to make it clever (and thus a LOL-Eww or Oy-Eww), but we’re not looking for examples of “gosh, look how off-putting they manage to get these days!” .

Synchronicities — If really striking. And it helps if one or both is really funny in itself. But don’t be alarmed if we want to break up the pair and just use one on its own.

Thank you as always!

Now everybody sympathize your watches!

Because when the clock strikes three, we will have the Big Synchronicity Roundup!

First up, Andréa was struck by the treatment of the old Goofy/Pluto problem, in Pearls Before Swine and Strange Brew:

Next up, Jerry found the focus on Feng Shui in Bizarro and Pickles:

Finally, BillR was seeing jigsaw puzzles all over the place, or at least in F-Minus and Rhymes With Orange:

Saturday Morning Oys – August 28th, 2021

This was a momentary CIDU, for want of a comma. Sent by Boise Ed. Ed did some research on our behalf and reports “If you look in the [GoComics] comments, you’ll see that it caught Mark Parisi by surprise.”

And a longer-puzzling CIDU-oy: I still can’t figure out the intended real-life musical pair being referred to. (Searching got me to an article mentioning opera director Robert Carsen and “superstar soprano Renée Fleming” — but the characters in the cartoon are not doing opera.)

Is this in the 21st century?

This isn’t a CIDU, but: does this resonate with anyone? Or make sense for anyone you know in the 21st century? The idea that you’d need to keep it secret from your spouse that you spent some time with a member of the opposite gender seems really, really, really outdated.

I think my wife would be interested to find out that I met her doppelganger.

Also, a separate question for golfers: Do golf courses really just pair you up with random other golfers? Why? Or is this just a plot device?

Sunday Funnies – LOLs, August 22nd, 2021

(This was actually part of a linked series, but seeing the preceding strips wouldn’t make much difference, apart from explaining what might otherwise be a mysterious detail — she was hit in the head by a flying baseball, and is holding an ice bag to it for pain relief.)

And a second shot for Pardon My Planet. This one is a LOL-CIDU. It did take a couple minutes before we got it – but not hard enough to justify making it a separate CIDU post. Also (I confess) it shows the perils of holding on to a negative attitude about some comic strip — one reason I didn’t get it at first was dismissing some meaningful details as merely haphazard artwork.

LOL-synchro from an unlikely pair!

And a last minute Sunday Bizarro LOL.