Sunday Funnies – LOLs, December 5th, 2021

Let’s assume none of this crowd needs help with the allusion here!

Oh my, a sad-LOL from the Moon.

Well well, so the “Wake up and take your sleeping pill!” joke goes back a hundred years.

I suppose this does turn on word play, but it’s a LOL just as easily, and this list is maybe a touch short. (And ngl, I read it on Saturday evening so too late for today’s OYs and next week’s list isn’t set up yet.)

Saturday Morning Oys – December 4th, 2021

Here’s a funny pun from Boise Ed:

The dancer’s foot-across move in the last panel seems like just the right punctuation to signal a punch line, much like a rim shot. (Have there been tap-dancing stand-up-comedy acts?)

Picked this one up from Arnold Zwicky’s blog, where there is a full description and analysis.

And I just was watching Beanie Feldstein.

Sunday Funnies – LOLs, November 28th, 2021

From Le Vieux Lapin:

And still from Le Vieux Lapin, and for that matter still about bees:

Le Vieux Lapin still on a roll!

This linked (not copied nor link-embedded) Far Side provides an explanation for one of the great Netherlands floods. Link probably not valid after 2021/12/08.

An Ewww-LOL from Reality Check:

She didn’t save a place for the dog!

No, we’re not going to call this a synchronicity — there’s nothing surprising about seeing two Thanksgiving cartoons on Thanksgiving. But seeing both taking on the idea of special diets and restrictions is a nice pairing.

(I’m tagging The New Yorker though not sure that’s where the Roz Chast appeared.)

She didn’t save a place for the dog!

Saturday Morning Oys – November 13th, 2021

Mr. Snail bought a snazzy sports car, and he ordered some detailing: a big “S” on the sides. When asked why, he explained he wanted all the people on the streets to notice him in the car and say: _________________________ YOUR QUIZ IS TO FILL IN THE BLANK!

Return of the repressed? Yep, Argyle Sweater always has a pun in store! This one sent by Le Vieux Lapin, and it delivers a double shot of Oy!

Perhaps slightly technical jargon, but not unfamiliar.

Veterans Day add-ons

Cartoons with Veterans relevance that we recently ran across, or that CIDU Bill had saved to the site’s media library with a note for possible Veterans Day add-on use.

This one Bill marked “Nov 11 Veterans Day addon”. It was posted in

This one Bill marked “UDIC Frazz Veterans Day” . It was posted as

These two we noticed on sequential days in Maria’s Day. Since that strip is on a reruns cycle at GoComics, the actual dates of the recent appearance were 31 August and 01 September, but apparently the original publication was on 10 and 11 November of some year.

Greeting from Robin Bickel (with Hanukkah cards reminder)

We were very happy to receive a note from Robin Bickel the other day, with some family news and a renewed Hanukkah card invitation, which we would like to share with you.


Mitch and Winter Wallaby


On a personal note, Aaron, our oldest, is finally engaged after being with his girlfriend for 11 years. I am assuming the wedding will take place before another 11 years pass.

Please let everyone at CIDU know that I am so glad that the site is thriving. Bill would be so proud!

And finally, Hanukkah card time again. Let people know if the got a card last year, they are good. If they got one last year and moved since then, let me know the new address. And if you didn’t get a card and now deeply regret it (which obviously you would!), send me your address and join in the fun. As always, cards are designed by the mega talented Zak. (as an aside, if you get the print edition of the NY Times, turn to the front page of the business section on Saturday or Monday. That’s his work. He does other days also and other pages too, but those are more random.)

If you are a new CIDU reader who is missing some context here, you are invited to look at our “Bill Bickel and the history of CIDU” page, also linked in the left menu.

As Robin says above, if you received a card last year, and your address has not changed, there is nothing you need to do to remain on the list and to receive a card this year.. If you would like to join their list, the instructions are for convenience reprinted below, though you can find them, along with additional background and the original invitation message, at the end of last year’s “Hanukah Cards (from Robin Bickel)” post.


Email me at robinbickel at gmail. Put CIDU in the subject line so it will be easy for me to quickly find you. And if you’d like you can send me a card at 43 Peace Rd, Randolph NJ 07869 but you are under no obligation to do so. I like sending cards and it would make me happy to be able to send a very small thank you to all of you who have been such good friends over the years. (Please don’t delay only because I have to give Zachary a count of how many cards to print)