(bonus) Retro-of-retro challenge

When this was new, in 1965 or 1966 (I can’t quite make the date out — though the 6/16 at lower left is quite clear, as the pigeons have not yet picked it up), probably it was already a challenge to the reader to recognize some already-retro references, to famous real-world couples or other cartoon-world characters. And probably some randomly tossed-in names; and probably some not-famous real-world friends of Mort Walker’s; and certainly some pairing-up jokes (Emmy and Oscar?).

And after the passage of another 55 or 56 years, how many of them can we get? I’m not really much of a comics historian, so maybe … none? But others may do better.

And Sarge was about to call the Lieutenant what?

I suspect the 1965 audience was expected to read-in a gender-based insult; but probably a mild one?

P.S. This one above appeared for an Arnold Zwicky analysis shortly after its GoComics reprint.

Bonus: from a little later in the reprint cycle.

I was almost going to say the casual acceptance of violence is actually a bit shocking. But on second thought, Beetle’s reaction is not fully accepting. (Yes, we regularly see Sarge beating on Beetle, but that’s mostly about raising a ball of dust, while Rocky’s “blackjack” or “sap” strikes a more sinister air, something like underworld associations.)