A China Teacup Sounds Nice

From Usual John, who says “I don’t understand the ageism reference, since the unhappy mom does not appear to be the oldest (or, for that matter, the youngest) of the women in the cartoon.”

I (Winter Wallaby) would add to that that china teacups in general seem like a very nice present. But it strikes me as bizarre to just give one, regardless of the age of the recipient.

The Purge

The startled reaction of Emma (the daughter) in panel 2 must be preparing us for the weird drama of panel 4; but why? And why is she wearing gloves — dishwashing gloves? — for her big announcement? And especially, what does she mean by “purge”? A reference to the movie series? A different way of talking about simplifying and tossing out whatever does not give joy (and is not worth inheriting)? We hope it’s not another name for “juice cleanse”!


So mothers saying this to daughters is the new version of this venerable trope!

(This one not a CIDU.)