A club in the kennel

Stan sent this in, and says ” I don’t understand this at all. What’s the joke? Is it that he’s talking to a boxer? If so, what’s he pointing at?” . Here at the CIDU offices, the conversation has been about how the Fight Club line applies to a Kennel Club. Especially if that doesn’t mean a club organized in the kennel, with dogs as its membership, but retains the usual meaning of an organization of human dog-fanciers, that sponsors shows and pedigree registrations.

Amster! Amster! Dam-dam-dam!

Sent in by Stan, who says he gets the point of the main joke, but has grave doubts over why Amsterdam would be an attractive fantasy destination for these kids — if one main association is that the tourism pitch is centered on availability of drugs and sex workers.

Even if they have a special interest in art history, and canals, and a cycling populace … that hasn’t been put forward either.