Lying down on the job

Sent by larK, who points out numerous holes in Baldo’s account. “So, he’s not mowing the lawn, but he said he would, yet he claims he doesn’t lie, at least outside of social media: did he state his intention to mow the lawn on social media? Otherwise: huh? And either way, this is funny why? Ha, ha, we all lie on social media?”

We think we’ve pretty much established that Baldo is written in English and translated to produce the Spanish edition. Nonetheless, here is the same day in Spanish, in case it proves helpful to anyone:

Done! Over!

We think there’s a modern use of “I’m done [with that]”, probably more common among people considerably younger than Dag, amounting to “I’m never going to be involved with that at all, ever again”. Do you know that sense? Is Dagwood meaning it that way – in both places? Since Blondie is taking it the standard way, is anybody doing the Bumsteads’ taxes this year?

That “I’m done” — or at least the second one? — is pretty much equivalent to Cookie’s “I’m really over [it]” here:

Yeah, we’re happy to treat our officers’ home addresses as public info

Even for 1964 and a smallish city, they seem to have a relaxed policy about doxxing their police force!

And incidentally, even for an established ditz like Eve, isn’t the invocation of “Who’s on first?” in panel 1 a bit of an unsupported swerve? (For those not familiar with the strip, Eve is the blonde younger sister, and the titular Juliet is the brunette older sister looking in from the doorway.)