Is this in the 21st century?

This isn’t a CIDU, but: does this resonate with anyone? Or make sense for anyone you know in the 21st century? The idea that you’d need to keep it secret from your spouse that you spent some time with a member of the opposite gender seems really, really, really outdated.

I think my wife would be interested to find out that I met her doppelganger.

Also, a separate question for golfers: Do golf courses really just pair you up with random other golfers? Why? Or is this just a plot device?

D. B. Cooper

From BillR, who comments “Ok, I know who D.B. Cooper was, but the rest of it is beyond me.” Yep, me too.

For those who don’t know who D. B. Cooper is:

I find the hovertext even more confusing than the cartoon itself: “The only other person to walk by was a linguist back in the ‘80s, but she just spent a while directing the phrase ‘help me down’ before getting distracted by a squirrel and wandering off.”

(Edit: the hovertext actually says “dissecting,” not “directing.” So that’s much less confusing.)

Low-Class Bongos

This isn’t really a CIDU. Given this comic’s schtick, I assume the joke is that he’s attacking Loretta because she’s taken something classy (classical music), and made it dumb and low class by playing it on the bongos. But as I commented to SingaporeBill when he sent this in, it just seems like a really strange and difficult-to-understand attack, because playing on the bongos and making it sound like “Flight of the Bumblebee” would actually be pretty impressive. And then he sent this in: