Robert Kinney sent this in, and asks “What in that sonagram tells us that this is a rooster?  I don’t get what this is trying to tell us, or why it’s supposed to be funny.”

While I was browsing the Tundra site (for context and to check if this one was available in color) I noticed that his Gallery page provides a few comics that some readers felt were in need of explanatiion – which he then provides, sometimes in an answer-strip!


  1. I think just the concept of performing a sonogram on an egg is supposed to be funny by itself.

    The phrase “looks like you’re going to have a little rooster” is there to show us that this is a sonogram. It might not be clear from a picture alone.

  2. And here I thought it was because on the sonogram, the tech could discern a…cock!

    (Hey, somebody had to say it)

  3. I think it’s the old comic strip of “X + Y = zany humor!”. Looks like they are using the sonogram plus egg candling, the comment is only to make it clear that it’s a sonogram.

  4. I’m glad to say I understood all 3 comics in link! I like that the artist is able to poke fun at himself. Reminds me of Pastis.

  5. Might also be a little dig on the fact that no matter what a doctor tells you, it’s nigh impossible to make anything definitive out in a sonogram.

  6. The rooster is terrified because he knows on the farm there’s only a need for one rooster. He knows his days are numbered.

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