1. Wow, Daryl’s prediction is maddeningly mundane.

    Yes, Hammie! There are options B, C, and many more. You don’t have to be a wage slave family man.

  2. Well, “probably” implies that there are other options.

    Susan T-O, great observation. Also odd that he closes his eyes when he talks.

  3. Both Powers and Mark M have valid points-of-view. The dad is being realistic, and that might be the right thing Hammie needs at this point in his life. But there is much to be said for being aspirational, and passing that attitude along to your kids.

  4. Isn’t “a steady job” and “a family of your own” some sort of an aspiration for an impossible vanished past? 40 years 9-5, nice family house and 2.4 children. I gather many younger people 1) feel it unlikely they will have a steady job (or a house) and 2) that they will have a family, either for the reasons in point 1 but also in consideration of future environmental impact and climate change and general prospective turmoil.

    I am ahead of the game… I did have a steady job in the 80s and 90s, and a house with a girlfriend… but now no steady job, never had kids and no house of my own. At least I don’t have to worry about how my kids will cope in the later 21stC, but then I also have t wonder who might be caring for me in my dotage (as I am, after a fashion, for my mother, 95 next week).

    On the other hand, people in the past often had a variety of jobs, not one steady one… my uncle was a Fleet Air Arm pilot (though WW2 ended before he got into any combat), a farmer for ten years, an airline pilot, and finally (after being grounded with a heart issue) a potter during his 54 years. He did manage to have 4 kids aged over 23 by the time he died, though.

  5. Social media influencing can be hard in its own way.

    But I mean even if Hammie wants a family — not a given — what if he wants to be a homemaker? I just feel like Daryl is being so limiting. Yeah, he said “probably” but given the punchline (is there an Option B?) it sounds like Hammie took it the same way I did.

  6. Social media influencing can be hard in its own way.

    I’ve been enjoying the second season of a TV streaming comedy called “The Other Two”, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Other_Two_(TV_series). I like how it mixes satiric takedown of the whole influencer culture with sympathetic engagement with young people who are left on the fringes of success in aspiration to careers in serious acting etc, and now find themselves embarrassingly striving to get into selfies with any given day’s social media stars.

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