Saturday Morning Oys – June 26th, 2021

A paradigmatic LOL-OY from Pearls:

And it’s a double-PBS week with this one from Stan:

And Stan further suggests you need geezer credentials to get the reference in this Oy-LOL, but it shouldn’t be hard for any cohort to pick up on:

A pair (will it continue?) of Oy-based punch lines from Keith Knight.
Bet “pleased to meat you” will not become the hot new greeting this year..
(Okay, these are not currently dated.)


  1. Do you mean recognizing “axe” to mean “guitar” (or instrument more generally)? No, doesn’t require geezer membership.

  2. deety: Thanks. I am a geezer but didn’t think that applied either…or at least hoped it didn’t!

    Run to the bedroom
    In the suitcase on the left you’ll find my favourite axe

  3. No, what I meant was that because I found this comic so funny as I would love to take an axe to my neighbour’s noise machines, I myself have officially entered geezer territory.

    “Quiet down in there, you kids!” is a much more common response from me these days than, “Let’s ROCK!!!”

    I’m old.

  4. “No, what I meant was that because I found this comic so funny as I would love to take an axe to my neighbour’s noise machines, I myself have officially entered geezer territory.”

    It works both ways. Geezers laugh with the dad. Whippersnappers laugh at the dad. But everyone understands the dad.

  5. There was no question of a misunderstanding. I must not have made myself clear enough when sending this in. My revelation was the former of your two interpretations…I’m a geezer now.

  6. My apologies if the editorial crediting and summary for sending this in resulted in some misunderstanding. We’re all bozos on this bus!

  7. Re the 2nd Pearls, a previously-married lady I know likes to remark to her also previously-married lunch companions:
    “How is it that we call them eXes when we should call them whYs?”

  8. “My apologies…”

    None needed, Mitch! All of your amazing work keeping this going for all of us more than makes up for a slight misinterpretation of an ambiguous comment I made, that’s for sure.

  9. There’s a lot of musician slang I didn’t know until I got to college and met some jazz players. (I had been classically trained.) “Axe” or “horn” for instrument. “Woodshed”, to go off and practice for a long period of time. “Bone” for trombone. “Hang it up” meaning you’re so bad at your instrument you ought to just hang it up on the wall and pick a different major. As far as I know it’s not geezer stuff because these terms are still used, but they are mostly unknown to non-musicians.

  10. “We’re all bozos on this bus!”

    Oh my! Now what on earth could that be a reference to? My blushes! My little old millennial zeitgeist just doesn’t know that one.

  11. Brian in STL

    I think when you are on the Internet and say “Hey, I’m a dog! I’m a dog! I’m a dog!” it’s reasonable to assume people know you are a dog.

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