Random Comments, Late 2020 Edition

Same as the previous series of Random Comments threads (which have each been closed to further commenting because they’ve gotten too long), this will be accessible from a link in the left sidebar (under “triple-line” icon 1st tab).

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However, as an experiment starting in October 2020, we will be trying out a second, parallel open comments thread, for a specific area of topics: ideas for how to maintain or develop this site.   Look for the link in the left sidebar (under “triple-line” icon 1st tab).  The headnote for the first Site Comments is HERE

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  1. I’ll never forget the morning
    That Grandpa ate the awning
    To impress a pretty lady
    Who went for men that were shady

  2. I’d add that perhaps Connie’s remark is meant with some irony, or anyway we are meant to take it ironically. Jeremy may consider himself not a cat person, but one of the hallmarks of a cat person is calmly accepting (and maybe actively enjoying) having a kitten sit on your head.

  3. I don’t know if “three-dog night” was really an expression before it was the name of a band, but since then it has become a fine template for similar remarks.
    If I go to rest briefly with a small bit of sleep during the day, I can measure the seriousness of the cat-nap by how many cats I get to help me!

  4. Hubby used to have five-dog-nights, even tho the dogs are, ostensibly, mine (we had seven at the time). Now he has only-two-dog nights, and one sleeps in my room in her own bed.

  5. I was surprised when the Pooch Cafe strips became a sequence. I would have guessed that yesterday’s would be a one-off. Comments on today included someone wondering why the woman was dressed as a bellhop.

  6. Jimmy Johnson’s “Arlo an Janis” blog went down last week. He put up a replacement, but the “click here” link is to that replacement. The mailto link generated an “unknown user” rejection. Anyone know how to reach him?

  7. @Lost – This has been under discussion at his Facebook fan group. I was among the well-intentioned but misinformed fans who were insisting for a while that it must be just a DNS-propagation delay, and his tech people should just publish the numerical IP address and we could use that. But apparently not!

  8. I just now tried arloandjanis.com (in Mac Chrome) and still see the “if you’re still coming here” note and the link to itself.

  9. Can somebody point me to how to ‘like’ a post or comment? I know you have to go through the ‘Reader’ section, and I managed to find how to do it once, but now I can’t.

    Alternatively, has anybody downloaded the WordPress app? Does it make things any easier?

    Until I figure this out, please consider all your comments ‘liked’.

  10. And what if we don’t WANT to be “liked”? What if we are here only to spread discord and strife and terrific terror (™ ChickenMan) in the hearts of decent folk everywhere? Mwah-ha-ha-ha and all that? (Exits stage left, twirling mustache.)

  11. “Bwak Bwak Bwak Bwaaaak!” There’s a geezer reference, and I think a very localized one. The series is on YT somewhere – I had it once, but don’t know where it is now. Fun to listen to, tho.

  12. NOT as localized as I thought it was, altho it DID begin in Chicago, WCFL, to which I listened when WLS wasn’t playing a song I liked.

  13. Well, Shrug, some things in life you just have to endure. So I’m going to like you and there isn’t a dang thing you can do about it.

    NOW who’s twirling her mustache? Uh, well, anyhoo…

  14. Chicken Man was, indeed, everywhere. But I’d like to find Colonel Thermal Updraft, which I think was local to Philly.

  15. I didn’t even know there was a YouTube version — only knew it as a radio show, which I was delighted to catch back when it first ran, and which I bought on cd from the creator ten years or so ago and happily played. (The “return of” late/environmentalist-themed stories aren’t nearly as good as the originals, at least past the first couple, but I’m enough of a completist to be glad I’ve got them all.)

    I’ve always been more of a radio guy than a TV/movies guy; BOB AND RAY; FIRESIGN MYSTERY THEATER; STAN FREEBERG; lots of British stuff like THE GOON SHOW and ROUND THE HORNE and I’M SORRY I’LL READ THAT AGAIN can still delight me when heard for the umpteenth time — in visual media, only MONTY PYTHON and SCTV strike me as averaging as on as high a degree of funny. Which is a bit counter-intuitive, since I’m somewhat hard of hearing, so “should” be more receptive to visual than oral humor (but nah, I find Groucho much funnier than Harpo; there are days when I think I may even find Zeppo funnier than Harpo.)

  16. O.K., FIRESIGN THEATER and STAN FREBURG. Sorry. Just proves my point that I seem to be oriented more to sound than to visual cues (even though I did once briefly work as a proofreader, or possibly a profroader.)

  17. I never saw this animated version, either; must be relatively newish. I, too, prefer the radio version, as with B & R and Firesign Theatre, etc. Makes us geezers, I guess.

  18. Huh, I only looked on the OTHER random comments thread, and thought no one had noticed the downtime. I’m only now catching up. Yes, we were down for a couple days: we decided to go with the open source ColdFusion replacement Lucee instead of paying Adobe for a new ColdFusion license, so things went all higgledy-piggledy for a while there as we rebuilt everything and swapped out the underlying server. I’m still catching up, but I think everything CIDU related should be up and working now.

  19. Cat stuff, from Crumb.
    Here’s two bits of backstory, then today’s. I’m figuring the ferals in that alley have been ear-tipped. But the comments seem to think it is from battles.

  20. ‘Top Cat’ is a real geezer alert. I remember it as one cartoon I was allowed to watch (only ’cause my Dad liked it). I found it on YT and it’s not really funny now.

  21. I felt sure there must be a thread where somebody was ragging on the i-before-e mnemonic, but I can’t find it. and so will just drop this fine set of counterexamples into Random.

    Note, these provide counterexamples to both parts — the i-before-e itself and the except-after-c.

  22. I’m mildly embarrassed (but mostly ecstatic) to discover that you folks have assumed the mantle of CIDU. I was bereft (as was everyone else) when Bill died last year and never thought to look to see if there was any continuation. Then this morning I emailed a blogger I look at daily (https://folioolio.blogspot.com/) because I didn’t understand a cartoon he’d posted, lamenting that I missed CIDU, explaining what a gold mine it had been for so long. He replied, suggesting that I take it up, and so I googled it and omg here you all are! Thank you to all the folks who have taken on this task of love. Blessings on you all.

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