1. Oh, he can’t be…

    I don’t have a case of anyone else but surely it’s been done. What with everyone putting masks on everything and the covid cabin fever of rushing the seasons it must have been done by now.

  2. >Sixteen years later, chad references might be moving into Geezer territory

    Sixteen? I mark it 20.

  3. Phil, it wasn’t until the next election that I decided that there was no legitimate reason for any but a thoroughly brilliant chad gag.

  4. Well, if you changed it to “Mask O’Lantern (Jimmy Johnson got Arlo to do it first)“, you might be able to break the record for “tag that spans the largest number of lines”, but it’s going to be pretty hard to beat “I DON’T HATE WORDPRESS AS MUCH AS I HATE GODADDY, BUT IT’S GETTING THERE“.

  5. I’m going to miss him, this site, and all of you who I meet only here.

    Are you sure that’s our Bill Bickel?

  6. Arthur: Yes it’s him; they have his picture up at the tribute site.

    I’m also going to miss him, this site, and the people and interactions here, very much. It was a rare treat to have such civil, intelligent, online discussions, and it formed around Bill thanks to his hard work in running the blog and moderating discussions. The world will be a poorer place without him.

  7. Wow, what a shock.

    In other news, would any of you happen to know why the discussion in last comic posted had been locked?

  8. I relayed the info on Bill to Random, After the news settles in, we’ll need to discuss the future, if there is to be one. Maybe a central point for that. Up you you folks of course. No telling how long the site will remain.

  9. This is deeply saddening. CIDU was one of only about eight sites I regularly checked in on the net, and one of only about five where I had a sense of belonging among people I felt I knew and liked. Most of all, of course, around Bill himself.

    “Shrug” (Denny Lien, in Minneapolis)

  10. Condolences to Bill’s family, friends, and ‘CIDUzens’.
    Did Bill(or anyone here) belong to “Comics Curmudgeon”?

  11. Oh no!

    I’d wondered about the lack of updates but I was busy with work and didn’t follow up.

    Very sorry for his loved ones.

    And I’ll say I’m sorry for us. Been coming to CIDU for about 22 or 23 years. Nobody else could have made this what it is. He did this with passion and with care and respect for all of use who used the site. I can’t imagine anyone else — except maybe King Solomon himself — running the site so well.

    Keep laughing, Billo

  12. Oh, no. What awful, shocking news. I’m so sorry to hear this. Such a loss.

    I discovered CIDU more recently than most of you, but for me it’s been a ray of light in a dimming world and on the darkening web. Getting to know Bill and you all this way was a real privilege.

    Condolences to Bill’s family, kudos to his memory and legacy, and thanks to him and everyone.

    Fair sailing, Bill.

  13. What a shock. I am absolutely devastated. Bill was such a great guy, not only for keeping up this website, but for his charity work, his humour and his intelligence. I visit about 3 sites regularly and this was one of them, and that was all down to Bill. A truly sad day.

  14. This is very sad news. This is, or sadly now was, a great site and a great idea for one: an affable space where a not too big cast of visitors looked at cartoons and discussed the meaning of funny and, to an extent, life. Bill ran it with great good humour as well, and commitment – it must have eaten into his time for other things. All the best to everyone.

  15. Well, I knew it would happen – whilst reading today’s comics, I thought, “There’s one to send to . . . oh, I can’t anymore, never mind.” I’ll NEVER be able to read comics without thinking of CIDU Bill, and CIDUers.

  16. Brian in STLsaid: “After the news settles in, we’ll need to discuss the future, if there is to be one. Maybe a central point for that.”

    This thread is as good as any. Maybe “Random Comments” is more general and neutral in a sense, but it has the down side of awkward page structure. Also, the discussion has already started here. We can cross-post of course.

  17. Yes, eventually someone should be delegated to contact the family and see if they have any plans for continuing this or a successor site as Bill’s legacy, or info as to what he may have expressed.

    From active fans but outsiders in that sense, we might think about 4 areas to discuss / arrange / implement eventually.

    1. Top-level policy & administration. — Family contact, decisions like “continue here or establish a successor site”, even passwords and email. (Though that last may also be under “Technical”)

    Also, without Bill, would we want the site to continue to be on a basis of “email submissions to an editor” [with generous post-within-comments policy] as up to now, or go for a typical forum or blog structure where established commenting users may also start new-post threads. Like google Groups as somebody remarked.

    Actually, that is just one example of early decisions that the interested fan base may want to decide along with the family.

    2. Financial support — I’m surely not the only one who will say “I’m ready to contribute a share to paying for hosting, transfers if that’s how we go, and incidental expenses.” Also the family-contact people could inquire if there is any help required for expenses outstanding.

    3. Tech group. The fan group definitely has the tech talent to do whatever is decided upon, and after that to keep it running.

    4. Editorial, day-to-day administration, moderation. I see this as separate from the early and high-level what-to-do decisions in (1). This is also the hardest to contemplate, as this was the role where we mostly felt Bill’s presence and even-tempered judgement. But somebody, or some team, needs to do some filtering and commenting/moderation on a day-to-day.

  18. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the friendly and intelligent tone of this forum. I’ve stumbled across too many blogs that feel whiny or angry at the world and aggressive–over minior issues.

    It’s been fun reading about books I’d not been familiar with.

  19. Well, 2020 is now officially the suckiest year ever.
    Condolences to Bill’s family and loved ones. Many thanks for 20+ years hosting one of the best sites on the internet.

  20. What a shock. He seemed to live his life with a great attitude, and it’s hard to imagine anyone filling his shoes on this site or something similar. But I certainly hope someone can. If not, it’s been great.

  21. Let’s try this again, without unintentionally throwing this into moderation.
    2020 is now officially the worst year ever. Condolences to Bill’s family and loved ones. Many thanks for 20+ years hosting one of the best sites on the internet.

  22. I hope Arlo is more careful with his own mask. The Jack-O’-Lantern’s “nose” is exposed, thus making the mask ineffective. I see this every time on my weekly shopping runs – including the pharmacist who served me when l picked up a prescription recently. Yes, I tried having prescriptions delivered but gave up because the delivery guy refused to put them in the mailbox and insisted – unmasked – on handing them to me.

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