1. His checklist: Task 1. Done? Yes/No Task 2 Done? Yes/No…..

    Her checklist Task 1 Surface? subsuface, detail one, detail one. Possible loophole snag?…etc…. Is the plastic fish salvageable. Now Task 2:

    And her checklist has some pretty disgusting subdetails.

  2. Well, if she’s checking if the boy is wearing underwear, she’s probably checking if the baby’s diaper is full of “mustard”. And that’s bad. But not as bad as having to change it. Which I’m surprised Dimebag Darryl hasn’t done at least once, considering they have two kids.

  3. It’s not necessary to invoke excremental “Ewww” for this parenting joke. Hammie is old enough to dress himself, but still young enough to omit basic necessities. His dad is expressing his amazement about the kinds of things his wife still needs to verify.

  4. He could also be commenting on the different parenting styles…
    If the kid is dressed, ready and waiting for her in the van, that is pretty mature so he might not care if the kid has underwear on or not cause the kid already has the more important stuff down such as courtesy and conscientiousness and undercutting those by insisting on checking on underwear isn’t worth it. Meanwhile, she is more predisposed to modesty and the proper and appropriate way of doing things and following the mental checklist of things that need to be done cause that makes it easier to juggle multiple kids and avoid inevitable future “accidents”.

    Or it’s just a joke that she is more attentive to the details of the kids than he cares to be. I don’t read the comic so i don’t know.

  5. @ DemetriosX – Your eyes did not deceive you. the one above is ©2016, but the exact date will have to remain a mystery, because King Features has no search abilities, and all but one week of their archive is stuck behind a paywall in any case.

  6. Wife: Did you move the laundry from the washer to the dryer?
    Husband: Yes.
    Wife: Did you start the dryer?
    Husband: You didn’t say to do that.

    Not the same joke, since checking that a kid who can dress himself should not be expected to omit underwear. I assume this reflects the mother’s greater experience with Hammie’s idiosyncrasies.

  7. The strip from May 22 of this year gives at least a portion of the checklist. I am not sure how to link to it though and like Kilby said if you haven’t paid for a subscription even if I could figure out how to get a link you probably couldn’t see it.

  8. UH OH – got so involved reading comics – that despite a reminder which must have gone off – I forgot the move the towels to the dryer. Oh, well, will do that before we go to bed and they will ready tomorrow.

  9. Comic You Don’t Understand. She took your “Don’t get it” as CYDU, rather than saying that one should obtain the image from elsewhere.

  10. Ah, I see. It was a “Comment I Don’t Understand”.

    The biggest problem with Arcamax is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to select an arbitrary date nor any pattern to the page URL that I can discern. For example, today’s strip is:


    Each day (of the days I tested) the number following the – increased, but by varying amounts.

    Seattle PI has the strip too, and is easier to navigate.

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