This probably won’t result in Comicgeddon 2, but…

WordPress is rolling out what’s apparently going to be major dashboard changes Monday. If nothing goes wrong, the changes should be invisible to y’all.

But since GoDaddy destroyed the previous incarnation of CIDU during routine server maintenance (shortly after my wife’s computer was wiped clean during a Windows 10 update), I can’t help being a bit apprehensive, and it can’t hurt to plan for the worst.

So in case the site disappears tomorrow, or it’s still here but I can’t access it, anybody interested can reach me for updates at cidu email

(I’ll remove this post Monday, assuming I can)


  1. Oh no, the post is still here! Bill! Bill! Bill can you hear me?!
    DON’T go toward the light!
    Do not go gentle into the night!

  2. I have a saying – “change is never good”.

    We are not allowing any software to update while the pandemic is going on as a result of this thought.

  3. Not out of the woods after all: in the “near future,” all the changes I was able to sidestep become mandatory.

    Whatever that’s going to entail

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