1. Even when he just had two arms, we could see they had been malformed by something that happened to him; and it could have been early signs of that spinach.

  2. “I’m missing why this is an Ewww.”

    I think its more of a “just icky”). The four arms are creepy and upsetting. I’d say “eww” but that’s usually reserved for potty humor.

  3. The only “Ewww” that I can detect is that this panel has committed a sick distortion of the facts for propagandistic purposes. It’s just as tiresome (and humor-free) as a typical “global warming” gag. There are plenty of reasons to object to GMOs, and even more reasons to object to the ways that multinational corporations (and certain governments) are trying to force them down our collective gullets, but it is (excessively) off-target to claim that eating GMO foods will turn anyone into a mutant (or superhero). The issues are much more complex than that, but this is not the proper forum to conduct a debate on the subject.

  4. Unless you define “genetically modified” to include ancient techniques like selective breeding, there were no GMO’s available when Popeye started eating spinach in the 1930’s. And yet spinach DID mutate him as we saw in the Fleischer cartoons. Sometimes it mutated him into an airplane or a riveting gun.

  5. @ MiB – There are a few subtle differences between real-world biology and cartoon physics.

    P.S. Here’s quick guide on how to distinguish scientific disciplines:
    1) If it wiggles: it’s biology.
    2) If it stinks: it’s chemistry.
    3) If it doesn’t work: it’s physics.

  6. P.P.S. …and 4) If the answer is “intuitively obvious to the alert student” (but nobody else): it’s mathematics.

  7. Mathematics joke: Professor writes an equation on the board, says “Now this is intuitively obvious … wait a minute …”, stares at the board for a while, says “excuse me,” goes out of the room to the library, comes back ten minutes later with a thick reference book, searches through it, finally says “Yes! It’s intuitively obvious.”

  8. Ah, no, the workaround is not just “add a .gif”, you have to get it in plain form, i.e. no lookups or attributes as indicated by question mark or equal sign.
    That’s sometimes hard to do with Comics Kingdom.

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