1. They thought all the fur was the giant creature’s own growth. Now *we* see it/he is wearing furry clothing, appropriate to the climate. The explorers maybe haven’t quite caught on to that, and are astonished at the natural pockets — or may now be catching on, because of that big clue.

  2. @ Mitch4 – Either that, or they’ve discovered that the Yeti is the world’s only duplex marsupial.

  3. My favorite real-world version of this: some sasquatch believers actually say that the reason all bigfoot picture are blurry is that the actual creatures are blurry, because they are partly other-dimensional.

  4. Lots of women’s clothing lack pockets and a few women I know react like that when they see something with pockets. Pretty sure the cartoonist is riffing on that

  5. Yes, I think chipchristian’s point is relevant. But confusingly, the hikers / explorers seem to be a man and a woman, and it’s the man who seems to be speaking. Maybe he has picked up this same joy at pockets.

  6. Rather than be amazed at meeting a yeti, they are amazed by his pockets. Funny, I guess.

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