1. Despite the alternative circumstances and the vastly different emotions shown, this is basically the same joke as we had in a pair of Liō strips back in mid-April: all Peters did was place the canonical Corona virus model in an unexpected location, hoping that the incongruity would be enough to make it funny. I can laugh (just a little) in sympathy with Grimmy’s situation and his (eminently justifiable) reaction, but I have to say that Ms. Goose’s (and Liō’s) oblivious insensitivity are becoming rather tiresome.

  2. Ms. Goose is so clueless she’s not aware that the ‘ball’ she’s found in the garden and she’s now throwing is actually the grandaddy of viruses.

  3. Unlike Lio, I don’t think Mom is intentionally throwing “coronovirus.” In fact, this may just be a normal ball, but one that Grimm suddenly realizes is coronovirus-infected.

  4. Actually…. I get this but didn’t really get the Lio ones.

    I see this as Grimmy is paranoid from months of media saturation that he sees Coronavirus lurking everywhere.

  5. I took it to be a ball that looks like the coronavirus picture everyone has seen and thus terrifies Grimm, who would rather go back inside..

  6. My reaction was Winter Wallaby’s. This is Grimm’s panicky freakout, not a monstrous giant virus (which, if taken literally, would be completely harmless).

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