1. This!
    This is one of my favorite songs of all time.
    I remember fondly when it came out and it still gives me chills when I hear the first notes.

    Which you should take into account when I say that, to me personally, the fan version from The Hooters is even better! Just a bit better, and certainly played in a different tone, but listen for yourself:

    (It was certainly a factor that, in this version, I finally understood every word of the lyrics.)


  2. Can I just say #^$%! Geo-fencing, and @#&$^! YouTube, and @^#%! the #&$^ing Record Labels?

    We are ever more one world, and they are trying to drag us back to the 19th century because of their odious, obstreperous, offensive rent-seeking….

  3. Cannot access video when VPN set to Canada or USA. Germany, France, Austria can all access. So, one for the Europeans.

    Yes, a good song about the transience of things.

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