1. This is tagged as a CIDU, but the unsavory pun (on “potpourri“) is blatantly obvious, and should have qualified it for both an “Ewww” and an “Oy”.

  2. Poopourri should be a mixed bag of different poos though, not several discrete bags.

    I see from Wikipedia that the pot in potpourri means “pot”, but pourri means “rotten”, which seems appropriate. On my local walks I occasionally pass a farm that has rotted horse manure on sale.

    I also see from Wikipedia that potpourri (and so poopourri too) is “Not to be confused with Popery”.


  3. But, Kilby, “the unsavory pun.” “blatantly obvious” as it was, wasn’t necessarily — or should have been — all there was to this.

  4. @ Bill – Ever the incurable optimist, hoping to find just one more kernel of humor in a pile of, well, “chaff”. Sometimes all you can see is all there is to get.

  5. Well, one secondary sort-of joke is that they’re buying two small potted plants and a very small flat of starters, but the fertilizer is only available in 50lb bags, and apparently minimally processed.

  6. I’ve often purchased cow manure in bags, and there is no smell whatsoever. So the ‘joke’ doesn’t work for me.

  7. @ Mitch4 – Another way to interpret the “secondary” joke doesn’t even require them to be in the market for the stuff: those immobile stares may just be the result of being dumbfounded by the odiferous pun.

  8. The joke I saw was that they’re buying at a “Shoppe” and have the options of the various manures with labels which undoubtedly explain the nuances of exactly how each is better for certain situations. It’s like the difference between going to the grocery store for coffee or going to a coffee shoppe. It’s not enough to buy manure for your garden, you must buy exactly the right kind.

  9. It took me a long time to even see the fertilizer name which is no more prominent than the labels for manure or the sign for the “garden shoppe”. And the faces of the people is implying they are going to say something.

    Once the entire thing in processed it is “blatantly obvious” that the pun is the joke. But the execution doesn’t draw your eye to it.

  10. Composted manure doesn’t have objectionable odor. In the first few years of the Neighbor-Shocking Front-Yard Garden, I would get a couple bags of topsoil and manure to turn into the thin suburban soil. Now I make my own compost and just top-dress with that and mulch. No-till is much easier on the old back.

  11. Andréa, I have shoveled the real thing, fresh and unprocessed, and it does reek.

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