1. Why does it have quotes around ” ‘Frisbee’ “? Is it somehow a brand-name/trademark worry?

  2. Maybe the opposite: the quotation marks suggest it might not be a generic item and not the official Wham-O product.

    Or, you know, some people just like to use gratuitous quotation marks.

  3. Frisbee is a brand name. Maybe JJ did that instead of the little ‘R’ in a circle.
    The bicycle analogy could be, ‘If you fall, get back up and keep going’, or ‘Once you learn how to do it, you never forget’.

  4. I kind of think the premise is ok. Now that I’m getting older, physical activity that requires some dexterity, even as simple as throwing a frisbee, is a little more difficult. Running for and catching errant frisbees is a lot more challenging than it used to be with my stiffer joints, so I certainly can’t do it as well. Riding a bike is not really a problem, I just can’t do it as long.

    It’s not perfect, but there’s some sense to this for me.

  5. What Arlo was referring to was muscle memory, and I don’t see why that should go away. I’m probably about his age, and I can still throw and catch a Frisbee just fine.

    (In fact I fractured my wrist 3 or 4 years ago diving for a Frisbee; the doctor, while admonishing me, said he was also a little impressed).

    Now if he’d said that as we age we might not be able to ride the bike or chase after the Frisbee at the same speed or for as long, then I would agree.

  6. When I throw a Frisbee without having thrown one for a few years, my throwing at first is wild; it takes time and practice for the muscle memory to come back. When I ride a bicycle without having ridden one for a few years, it comes back in two to three seconds. So I think there is something to the strip’s premise.

  7. It seems a trifle arrogant to say what Arlo was referring to, unless you wrote the comic.

    Well, often an implicit “In my view …” is unstated but understood.

  8. I don’t recall if it was on “The Good Fight” or a more conventional law-and-order type TV drama, but there was an episode where our protagonist is appearing before an unfamiliar judge, and is warned by a colleague that the judge expects to have that “In my opinion” stated out loud any time any of the lawyers makes a statement. It was pretty funny how the lawyers would go thru different versions of remembering this and adding it in as afterthought.

  9. MJSR, muscle memory is precisely what people refer to when they refer to riding a bike after a long period. so it’s an entirely reasonable interpretation, and not at all arrogant.

    Although “riding a bike” is the common example people people use, Frisbee playing involved muscle memory as well, as well as many other activities that become second nature to you after much practice.

  10. But some muscle memory is finer and more nuanced than other. Some fine musician (Yo-yo Ma?) said that he practices every day. If he skips a day, he can hear the difference. If he skips two days, so can his audience. Throwing a “flying disc” is not as nuanced as playing a cello, but it does require more control than riding a bike.

  11. I asked a friend who used to play the trombone in high school to come play something for my church youth group. He started his session by saying, “Last night I discovered there is a big difference between ‘I play the trombone’ & ‘I used to play the trombone’. ” Apparently, there a few skills you cannot just pick back up. Especially as you get older.

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