Mon Dieu, this is even more horrible in French!

Envoyée par Olivier:

Please send your wake-up music tocidu email.

Remember, we’re not looking for music that reminds us of viruses and quarantines, but rather music that reminds us of nightmarish dancing ducks and gives us earworms that’ll last us through the work (-at home) day.


  1. Is literal “duck” the main way “canard” is used in real French? Do you also — and to what extent — use it for the sense that has come into English, “a likely-false (or transparently-false) widespread belief or rumor”?

    And why do we not call that “a duck”?

  2. Yes to the first question.
    Other meanings: newspaper (familiar); a sugar cube dipped in liquor.
    The word for a likely-false rumor is ‘canular’ (unrelated).

  3. … this has led me to read the Wikipedia article and go searching YouTube.

    It’s originally German, which I guess makes sense given that it’s an oompah polka, but has been translated into most Western European languages. And often become a hit, or at least a novelty. It’s almost always about ducks, but when an instrumental version was brought to an TV show in England, they didn’t have duck costumes, but did have a chicken costume, and, since then, the English version has been about chickens instead of ducks.

    This is now information which I suffer , and now you do, too.

  4. Bill’s comments and this video made me LOL. Susan, the Disco Duck was a nice bonus.

  5. @ianosmond – here’s the Birdie Song by The Tweets in 1981, the cause of your suffering.

    As well as “the band” in their costumes, and the members of the public, this performance on the weekly BBC TV show Top of the Pops features the last appearance (I gather) of the dance troupe Legs & Co, who appeared 300+ times there, both accompanying an act or as the visual element when the band wasn’t there. This is not their most polished effort so maybe they were demob-happy.

    I remember back then I had a minor TV-virtual crush on the dancer in the middle with the straight hair, called Sue Mehenick. Looking her up in the interests of research I see she is three years older than me and was born in Benghazi. (Come to think of it, at that time I did have a real albeit short relationship with someone three years older than me, though she was a junior doctor, not a dancer – she seemed rather grown up compared with me, still a student.)

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