1. It’s a safe cracker cause he’s a cracker that breaks into safes? I got hung up thinking he was a mattress before it came to me.

  2. Oh, is that supposed to be a cracker (related to Boss Hogg, maybe)? Like Rob, I think it looks like a small mattress.

  3. I didn’t recognize the “cracker” element at all; I was afraid that he was some sort of paper product, so that it might have something to do with “staying safe“.
    P.S. @ B.A. – Maybe he should have been IN The Ritz (hotel), the safe there probably contains more valuables than the “kar-toonish” object that he’s working on here.
    P.P.S. Yaffle’s humorous batting average (based on CIDU appearances) is still “0 for ∞”.

  4. Wow. I would never have recognized that as a cracker. I was also thinking mattress.

  5. I was thinking it was a seat cushion holding the drill. My comprehension was not aided by reading the safe as being from EAR TOON. I was unable properly decode the cryptic art because my brain kept trying to figure out why EAR TOON was funny.

  6. Had no idea it was a cracker either; I was vaguely thinking “piece of under-done toast.”

  7. I think the tufted buttons make it obvious that he is a mattress. He is a mattress gone bad; his rampage started when he tore his mattress tag off (now on the floor).

  8. I’ll take “mattress” as well, though it occurred to me it might be SpongeBob (drawn by someone who had never seen him). The edges are entirely un-cracker-like.

  9. Try to count the phallic symbols in this cartoon. It will take you the whole day.

  10. Kilby: Yaffle has appeared on CIDU an infinite number of times?

    (Not that I’m sure what Yaffle is, except it is one of the tags on this entry.)

  11. I’m not familiar with Yaffle either, but one of its creators, Jeffrey Caulfield, is also a collaborator on “Mustard and Boloney” [sic].

  12. @ larK – That expression dates from old (somewhat nerdy) college lingo(*), calling attemption to the fact that as long as the numerator (of the “successes”) is zero, it doesn’t matter how many “attempts” there are in the denominator, the average is still zero. The pessimistic presumption is that additional future attempts will not change the result.
    P.S. (*) – I would hazard a guess that Winter Wallaby has at least heard the phrase, if not used it himself.

  13. That’s not a cracker! That’s a mattress!

    The mattress wants to be stuffed with cash — after all, we always hear about mattresses stuffed with cash.

    And where do you think the mattress gets its cash from? Did you ever stop to think about it? Do you think it just grows in there? Do you? DO YOU?

  14. I also thought it was a mattress. I’m still trying to figure out “Ear Toon Quality Safes”… is that supposed to be “cartoon”? but … not for some reason???

  15. @ bpostow – If you zoom in on the safe, you can see that the first letter of the inscription is a “K”, and not an “E” (therefore “Kar-Toon”). The resemblance was close enough to mislead at least one other person, indicating that the artist should have chosen a different font.

  16. The Lock-Picking Lawyer would open that Kar Toon safe with a strip from a Red Bull can.

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