1. Yes, maybe all of those — but in the first instance it’s supposed to be the equivalent of “butt dialling”. Like the monkeys at typewriters, he quite accidentally entered and posted some tweets.
    But then following on that is the idea that a “butt tweet” would also mean a small fart.

  2. No idea why “tweets” got put in for calls or dialing.
    Implausible it certainly is, that his butt could accomplish something as complex as tweeting (i.e. posting to Twitter). But I stick to my theory, that it was a necessary element for suggesting farting, including a whistling sound that could be called tweeting.

  3. The “always getting in trouble” and “you did it again” make me think it is a fart joke. And I guess dachsunds maybe fart more than other dogs?

    But Peters clearly doesn’t really understand the difference between a call and a tweet.

  4. I think Peters is probably aware of the difference between one-button “dialing” and multiple-keystroke “tweets”, but used the latter word anyway, because it is evocative of the slang expression “toot” (for “fart”).

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