1. This is cool, but hard to understand. She also sings in French in ‘Dennis’ and ‘Call me’.
    The Stranglers are easier in ‘La folie’, or Visage in ‘Fade to grey’. And, of course, The Beatles in ‘Michelle’ or ELO in ‘Hold on tight’.

  2. When Debbie Harry sings her “Ba-aby” – wow! Great song from a fun band.

  3. @Oliver Surprisingly very little French in 10cc’s “Une Nuit a Paris”. (I am listening to this for the first time in decades – funny as it was back in the day). More so in Robyn Hitchcock’s “commetujours”. A bunch of pop / rock bands have stuck in some French lyrics over the years

  4. Not a really big hit in the US, but I always liked Sunday Girl. Chris Stein supposedly said he was inspired by their cat.

  5. French singer/songwriter/leader of the band Malicorne Gabriel Yacoub, will sometimes toss in a line or two in English in his otherwise French songs, and one of these has been covered in English, with a line translated to French. “This is Le Choses Les Plus Simples”, which has been covered by the likes of Dave Van Ronk as “The Simple Things We Said.” It’s a stunning cover.

    And then there’s the classic Plastic Bertrand (Belgian) song that seemingly randomly mixes French and English: “Ca Plane Pour Moi”. I have no idea what it’s about but it’s fun nonetheless.

  6. The Plastic Bertrand song is about him waking up hungover and remembering how he met a girl, they had fun together (‘You are the king of the divan’), then she gets angry and dumps him after trashing his place.

  7. About bands who stick foreign lyrics in their songs, there’s Archimede’s song ‘Ca fly away’.

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