1. By Prince! Not content to release awesome songs of his own, supplied songs and production to others as well, all to make the airwaves awesome and turntables terrific.

  2. Cute how the page-a-day calendar jumps ahead by sevens!

    I knew the song “Baubles, Bangles, and Beads” from an early age, and maybe as a consequence didn’t quite understand that those were all distinct and didn’t all mean just “jangly decorative accessories that women can wear”. [And especially in the Ancient Near East!] Later I thought I knew, for “bangles”, that they were specifically “big circular metal bracelets”.
    But do we see these performers actually wearing bangles? I’m not sure! .. Unless their big circular metallic earrings count. 🙂

  3. The last Monday where I had to worry about getting to work was in January of 2018. A few months later, I did have to worry about getting up for jury duty on a Monday. That was harder than if I had still been working.

  4. My dad gave notice on our office shortly before he passed away. So the office came home to our house as it became just me – the fellow who worked for us having retired. Client appointments had always been as I wanted them (and worked for the client), I no longer had to go out to an office to work – just walk to the other side of the staircase in our house if I was not going out to a client. (First time I called a client while I was in my nightgown it was strange.) I don’t like to get up early – all clients assumed that I went to another client in the morning as I made mostly only afternoon appointments. In the ensuing just less than 30 years clients have retired and died. Down to one monthly business client. She is a child Holocaust survivor in her 80s. Her business had not been doing well past few days. I am guessing that she might not start up again after this. That will leave me with a handful of tax clients.

    I have to get up early to go to my embroidery guild chapter meeting – 9:30am for a 10:00 meeting. I have to get up early – around 8 or 9 am to get dressed in period clothing (shift, stays, petticoat, bed jacket – not for sleeping just not formal , apron, handkerchief – large worn around top of clothing, and cap takes much longer than jeans and tee shirt), drive to event, unload our van, set up our stuff and help setup the unit’s stuff as does Robert, when we have a reenactment event to go to (other than the December candlelight nights event). And on vacation we have to get up earlier than normal. Mostly we get to sleep past noon.

  5. I retired from my software engineering job and didn’t have to get up early on Monday any more. I took a new job and had to get up at 5 a.m. every Sunday instead. I was a church organist and choir director.

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