1. The synchronicity in both this and the previous pair is unusually good, and more than worth overlooking peculiar date issues. I’m perfectly happy with the two day gap here, but as we’ve recently seen, the font size in the PMP probably means that its artwork was recycled. (The previous pair had the same day of the month, but one of them was a dozen year old rerun.)

  2. Well, why not recycle it when it contributes little or nothing to the gag at hand?

  3. I don’t take selfies either. But for one, that’s not something I would feel the need to say on my Facebook page. And two, that doesn’t mean I don’t have photos of myself.

  4. Yeah, when the synchronicity is this close, and they’re syndicated strips with three-week lead times, the judges are likely to rule that two days is close enough.

  5. I think that the two men should switch comic panels and then the two women would be much happier.

  6. You can find bears on the Internet but they turned out not to be what I was hoping for.

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