1. There are some people who, when I hear they died, I think, ooh, I vaguely assumed they died years or even decades ago. Little Richard is one of them.

  2. My favorite “not dead yet?” anecdote involved Harriet Adams claiming to have been the author of the NANCY DREW series, only to be confronted during a court case over royalties by Mildred Benson, who had been the actual author of the first three dozen or so books and so testified under oath.

    To which Adams is reported to have “uttered a single, amazed sentence: “I thought you were dead!”

  3. @narmitaj A local rock station used to have a game show that I think was called “Dead or Alive”. It was a call-in show where the contestant would be asked about then celebrities and then would have to guess whether they were still living or not. I think you would be given ten names and could win $100 per correct answer. Very few people could get all ten of them correct.

  4. I was privileged to see Little Richard not THAT many years ago at an outdoor concert.
    Halfway through, he interrupted the concert to have his minions pass out miniature versions of the New Testament.

    Long live the King.

  5. Actually Mildred Wirt with Edward Stratemeyer who was the man who started the several book series for children by various fictionally named authors did the first books – originally. The books have been rewritten as updates a few times. In the original books Nancy had a roadster, in next series she had coupe and then she had a sportscar in the last version of the books I read (and pretty sure they have been revised again).

    Amazingly a number of my Nancy Drew books were apparently not in the basement of the family home with all the children’s books and toys (my Nancy Drew game was down there thought) which were wiped out by Hurricane Sandy. I saw them in a box in my dad’s library in the house while we were waiting for a thrift shop to come and see what they wanted to take. Robert offered for me to take them, I looked for the third book in the series which was the first I had gotten or the Pennsylvania Dutch storyline book, but neither was there so I took book 1 of the series and was happy with that – hey, our house is filled with “stuff” also. Just enough for a remembrance.

  6. Paul McCartney has paid tribute to Little Richard online as he says that he learned “everything I know” from him.

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