1. Oh, those millenials! Always talking about their feelings and being on meds…..

  2. The waitress is obviously suffering from some sort of mental health disorder. She’s giving them a chance to place new orders that will not be based on her previous (possibly psychotic) advice.

  3. @ Pete – Excellent catch. I’m pretty sure this is not the first time that Lee has recycled a drawing. The artwork in this one is the “original” (or at least “older”: 24-July-2019), but this explains why the lettering in the other panel (9-Mar-2020) looked so weird: Lee did not even bother to extend the word balloon, so he had to reduce the point size of the handwritten computer font.

  4. I think Kilby is probably closest, but it would make more sense if she he the wait person said “You might want to check what I’ve written down for your orders.”

  5. It would make more sense to me if she were saying “My meds just wore off.”. So that would be a warning to them that she is off balance and maybe even out of control, so there better not be anything disturbing about their orders.

  6. Yeah, I think she’s saying that she has NO clue what they ordered, and currently the kitchen has a ticket explaining that they want the live octopus with chainsaws special, and the bees-on-toast, and maybe they want to change those…

  7. I interpreted it as “the advice that I just gave you may have been questionable”.

  8. I think the ideas from beckoningchasm and ianosmond are better than what I wrote above: whatever she recorded in her unmedicated state needs to be verified and/or replaced.

  9. Pete, Kilby, spot on. Vic Lee recycles his artwork constantly. It almost seems as if he has a thick folder of generic scenes, many in restaurants, bars, and doctors’ offices, and some days he pulls one out at random and pastes new lines into it.

    I’ve been reading PMP online since at least 1999 (back when it was called I Need Help), and I’ve saved over 300 of his strips. I see instances in my collection where he used the same artwork 8-10 times – and those are just the examples I saved.

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