1. Ah, Joe Jackson. Not punk. Punk adjacent. The neighbour that Punk invites to its parties so he wanted call in a noise complaint to the cops. Not a scorcher to kick of the day, but a song I have fond memories of. Which is odd, because it was used to comfort me in my angsty, girlfriendless youth. But it was healthy angst and self-doubt, not this crazy incel stuff. It’s odd how the years cast something in a new life and maybe really only because of those outside factors. Like all those poor ladies named Isis. It’s a lovely name.

  2. @SB: Huh, I would have classified Joe Jackson’s first two albums as solidly New Wave, although I can see your point. There are definitely elements there that are sort of proto-post-punk.

  3. Is Proto-Post-Punk anything like Premature AntiFacist?

    (I wouldn’t know; I’m a sixties folkie and Great American Songbook guy myself.)

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