1. We obviously understand the comic, even if the execution isn’t as logical as your suggestion.

    I’m just surprised this comic was even published in this “woke” day and age.

  2. Susan was born with female plumbing. Decided to emulate Susan B. Anthony and transitioned to Anthony. Susan is now Anthony, but still dresses in outfits that are more classically for women.

  3. I presume you are thinking that ‘be’ is in the imperative tense, thus Susan, be Anthony is an instruction to Susan to become Anthony.

    Actually, it’s the use of ‘be’ in certain vernacular speech to mean ‘is’ thus Susan be Anthony would indicate that Susan is actually Anthony in drag.

  4. This illustrates well that the farther you have to go to try to force a joke to work, the more likely the joke is not worth the effort. Having the bartender give Susthony side eye and that the blond guy is bugging his eyes are both ways of showing us how KAH-RAAAAZEEEE this situation is. Unfortunately, they transform a “nobody would be dumb enough to make that mistake” into something more mean-spirited and mocking.

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