1. It still exists; and I know a couple people who are still playing it enough that they’ve complained about how badly quarantine has hurt their Pokemon Go! playing. But it’s no longer a fad.

  2. Looking it up: the makers of Pokemon GO have made some mechanics changes that allow you to still play the game, and even get achievements, without having to actually go anywhere. There’s an open question as to how many of these changes they’ll keep after the COVID-19 situation is over and things go back to normal, but apparently, people are saying that a couple of them are really useful and they’re hoping that a couple of them stick around permanently.


  3. Last summer I stayed at a hostel in Chicago to see Dead & Co. at Wrigley, there were equal numbers of Dead Heads and Pokemon Go! enthusiasts in town for some event in the hostel those nights.

  4. As others have noted, PoGo is still a thing. However, the “high value Pokemon have been spotted at a particular location” claim has never really been a thing. Wild Pokemon aren’t tied to particular parts of town, and while there used to be “nests” for a while, as far as I know those don’t exist and were only ever temporary things.

    A more correct punchline would have claimed the sculpture out front was an EX Raid Gym.

  5. As Bill already guessed in his first paragraph, this is an old comic (#7693). It is impossible to say exactly how old, because Andertoons is actively marketing its archive of “cartoons for any purpose”, so nothing is ever dated. The current end of the archive (#8640) is 947 cartoons later, which could mean anything from two to four years, depending on how fast the Andertoons mill produces new material (it can’t be older than that, because the game was released in 2016).

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