1. A CIDU, really? Well, okay …

    “Nursery” is for plants, but also in a different sense for child-minding. So Arlo’s remark in the last panel sort of says that all that disappointment Janis has listed – for plants – applies also to kids, the other denizens of nurseries.

    A little out of line with the pretty great relationship they have with their son, in more recent canon.

  2. But don’t *all* parents have that moment *sometime*…. Or to give it a more positive spin, don’t all parents get they can’t make kids be what want them to be.

    Wouldn’t even Arlo and Janis have that? (Is their relationship with their son *that* great?)

  3. The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, too keep the horticultural connection going. Harry Chapin, father of singer Mary Chapin Carpenter, documented with poignancy how children learn from our actions.

  4. Is Cat’s In the Cradle old enough to be considered geezer music?

  5. CIDU Bill, I am going to get that rumour going, so you’d best get on board.

  6. She got them from a nursery rather than growing them from seeds. Of *course* nursery-raised flowers are going to look perfect, not only are they experts at growing the flowers, they can afford to ditch any flowers that look bad on the sales rack.

    If Janis had raised them from seeds, they’d never have been all perfect identical blossoms.

  7. dvandom has got it. While I have a great nursery I can buy flowers from, I don’t buy the ones in bloom. I use them more like “floor models” than the actual plants I would buy. I seek out the ones that buds and haven’t bloomed yet. I get rewarded with a beautiful set of blooms later on.

  8. woozy – My youngest sister certainly was a disappointment in our family. She has her college degrees in management not accounting as my parents, my other sister and I do – what a renegade! 🙂

  9. @Blinky the Wonder Wombat – Both The Middle and Modern Family did episodes a few years ago were Cats in the cradle was a plot device. I think even in the same year.

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