1. Flying pans!

    The comic reminds me of a comment David Letterman was fond of making on his show some 20-30 years ago, in reference to some pandemic: “Sterilize your pans.” I always thought it was amusing, anyway….

  2. Grawlix’s “Flying pans!” caption was a LOL, the original caption an Oy!

  3. I liked Arthur’s UFO comparison better, but that’s just because of my own boorish insensitivity. When I read “flying pans“, my first thought was “wouldn’t those be woks?” Like I said, not exactly the height of cultured enlightenment, but they would look more like saucers.
    P.S. Personal synchronicity: Just last night I watched a “Peter Pan” with my kids (Robin Williams in “Hook”).

  4. “Should we hide?”
    “Too late! I think they sauce!”

    (Sounds of a scuffle and a door slamming, on general principle)

  5. We should be comic artists. I wonder if we could remain funny on a regular basis…with deadlines approaching. 🙂

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