1. With many of these hard to get cartoons, the real explanation is that the cartoonist was up against a deadline with his rent overdue.

  2. I wasn’t sure whether “You’re probably wondering why..” is meant to be a stereotypical therapist way of saying something.

  3. I think “You’re probably wondering why…” is the stereotypical evil villain way of revealing themselves.

  4. I think this one would have been funnier in the absence of an obvious reason to cancel (i.e., a pandemic).

  5. P.S. @ Usual John – Actually, I thought the “replacement” reason (viral seclusion) was better than the one I suggested above, and added a little to the joke.

  6. “You’re probably wondering why I’m here, and so am I, so am I.”

  7. @ Mitch4 – I don’t know when Bill released it. When I wrote it, it was #2 (after Powers), but two others have also appeared, so now it’s #4.

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