1. Until fairly recently, I never realized how talented she is. It was hard to overlook my prejudice against big-boob bleach blondes. But she really is amazing, and apparently doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Did anybody else listen to the RadioLab series about/with her?

  2. ianosmand, so very true. Dolly is a fine lady. She came from nothing and worked hard to pursue her dreams. Along the way she had the help and support of a lot of people and she hasn’t forgotten how important that it is. Now that she is in a position to help, she does. Just goes to show you that the most talented people are often the nicest. She’s got nothing to prove to anyone but to herself and God (no, not religious myself, but I believe she is and that is part of how she sees the world).

    Chak, that’s a carefully crafted image she has. I think part of it was to get attention and to keep attention. It’s certainly worked. She’s had an incredibly long career. But she’s not just them tig ole bitties, she’s an amazing talent. She has a lovely voice and her songwriting skills are top-tier. She’s a great reminder to close our eyes and judge musicians on the quality of their work

    Yes, I’ve listened to the podcast. I love Dolly and I think the podcast is okay. I’m disappointed that the host seemed to work really hard to make it about what Dolly means to him. It’s called “Dolly Parton’s America,” so I’d have liked it to have a broader scope. But it’s not a bad place to start for the Dolly Parton neophyte.


  3. I’m actually still working roughly 9-5. I’m entirely WFH, but I’ve tried to maintain a normal work schedule while at home. I still shave and get dressed in the morning before “going to work.” I even, out of force of habit, lock my computer when I’m not using it, even though I’m not really worried that my wife or kids are going to steal corporate secrets.

    On not judging a book by its cover (or a celebrity by her image): I was surprised to find out that I actually really like Miley Cyrus’s singing, after hearing her Backyard Sessions, which includes an excellent cover of Jolene.

  4. I wasn’t aware she was featured in a RadioLab episode.

    I did enjoy the PBS TV documentary miniseries on the history of Country music that featured Ms. Parton along with many other greats.

  5. It was actually a series. Look for the ones labeled Dolly Parton’s America’. Totally worth your time.

  6. Shows you how often I listen to the program. So many interesting shows, so little time. And nowadays so many interesting live-steaming music performances to catch, so little time…

  7. I should say I usually run across Radio Lab at random in the car. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve heard, but don’t get to follow it regularly.

    At this moment I’m giving Dolly Parton’s America a spin.

  8. Thank you, WW. I really enjoyed that clip. I wonder if it is an unaltered recording, because Miss Cyrus sure can sing if it is. And I understand what you mean. My workday routine hasn’t changed much, except for not taking breaks to walk to the store and buy stuff just so I can get out of the house. Having been on WFH for the last two years and having lots of business continuing without interruption I’m in the largely good position of having an unaffected income. I do get a little jealous of the extended holiday everyone seems to be on though. Though I’m not churlish enough to grumble about my taxes supporting them all. 🙂

  9. Miley Cyrus is lucky to have such a lovely lady as her godmother. There are so many interconnections in the music business, that’s for sure. For example, the singer Mary Chapin Carpenter is the out-of-wedlock child of Harry Chapin and Karen Carpenter. As he was married at the time of her birth and Karen was single, managers for both performers covered it up, even to the point of forging documents such as birth certificates. To this day, their management teams scour the Internet for any mention of the truth and tries to discredit it with the fake Wikipedia entries they have doctored.

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