1. Frankly, this one makes perfect sense to me, and I’m unclear on why her father’s money would be a sticking point.

    Are you seeing TP prices rising to the level that only multi-billionaires can afford them? That’s not my experience.

    There is a TP shortage. When something is not available for sale, the amount of money a potential purchaser has is immaterial. And indications are that said shortage may well extend late in the year…for example, to Halloween.

    It’s also a commentary on how people under stress will find something they can control — here, counting TP rolls — as a way of dealing with all of the things they can’t.

  2. People are hoarding TP. It’s in short supply. It’s rationed. Even a multi-billionaire can’t be sure of getting some.

  3. Well, the minor twist of thinking about wasting the supply on trick-or-treat decorating might help fend off the objection that they could have bidets installed everywhere.

  4. Supplies are rebounding. I was at Walgreens and the quantity of lower-quality TP was pretty good. I wouldn’t buy it currently, but I were desperate, there would be some.

  5. There is a TP shortage. When something is not available for sale, the amount of money a potential purchaser has is immaterial.

    Not available at stores perhaps (although in my experience that’s changing) but that’s not the only way to buy it. I guarantee if you had a standing offer of $100 a roll, you’d have more sellers than you’d know what to do with.

  6. Even if we assume they could get as much TP as they want, Cynthia is worried about their current supply. And I doubt her father would be willing to pay $100 per roll anyway.

  7. I don’t know about “want” but I’m sure he’d rather pay that than be out. Assuming he even gets that involved in household finances.

  8. Meh… billionaires can use smaller denomination bills if they’re really desperate.

  9. The wealthy, especially the children of the wealthy, often lose touch with reality. They like to think they’re like regular people and with regular people concerns. Like the celebrities with millions of dollars to support themselves with through this Twittering about the hardship of being confined to their large estates with live-in staff. They feel our pain. This girl has no idea what sort of position of privilege she is in and wants to be like common people.

    I said “pretend you’ve got no money”
    but she just laughed
    and said “oh you’re so funny”
    I said “Yeah
    Well I can’t see anyone else smiling in here

  10. I’ve always thought cartoonists should have an idea exchange, for when they have viable ideas that just don’t fit their own strips. “Hey, Amend, you want a gag that would work for Jason?” “Thanks, I owe you one.”

  11. Re rich people and money, I saw this online somewhere:

    I once dated a rich guy and if I said, “Hey it’s illegal to drink on the street,” he’d respond with, “Nah, it just costs 150 pounds,” or “You can’t park here!” “Yeh I can it costs 35 pounds,” like… literally… that’s how he saw fines, it was just how much you paid to do the thing.

  12. Pete, if this is how far we have to go to disprove something, I would say that pretty much proves it.

  13. And it wasn’t anything himself For a cereal not in production, you’d probably have to buy the recipe and have it made. Doable, but likely not worth the expense under the circumstances. Now, probably one could buy boxes of the cereal, people collect hat sort of thing, but it likely wouldn’t be edible.

  14. She lives in a rich neighborhood where everybody lives in mansions with extensive grounds. She needs a large supply of toilet paper do a decent TP job.

  15. Bill, I think you are misreading this. As Lucretia says, there are plenty of toilet paper rolls for normal usage. The adult in charge of toilet paper acquisition (presumably Lucretia or the housekeeper) probably feels no need to ensure that Cynthia has enough to TP the neighbors. She may even feel that Cynthia’s possible inability to do that is a positive.

    To take a more real-life perspective than I think is needed in a comic strip: The reason why there is a toilet paper shortage is that there are two different toilet paper supply chains, one institutional and the other domestic. With so much of the population working from home or unable to work, the domestic consumption of toilet paper has risen sharply, while institutional demand has fallen by a presumably comparable amount. Barney, as the CEO of a large corporation, has unlimited access to the corporation’s toilet paper supplies. (Presumably he would pay cost for these if he is to take them legitimately, although from what we know of Barney, that is not the most probable outcome.) These supplies would include high-quality toilet paper for use in the company’s executive suite. Barney can simply have his administrative assistant send home as much toilet paper as he wants. But that may not be enough for Cynthia’s TP desires.

  16. “Infinitely”? Uh, no. Unless you have a very unique view of language, I think you’re decimating the word’s meaning here, even if you are one of those only people who could care less.

  17. Shrug, I’m comfortable with hyperbole when the audience is aware that the word or phrase isn’t meant literally.

    And since “infinitely” could gave no literal meaning here…

  18. Based on Robert – people don’t know how much TP they use.

    He insisted we buy another Costco sized pack – Costco had none, but BJs up the road did and we bought it. I had pointed out to him that we had over 1/2 package of that size at home plus 2 started rolls and 4 more rolls (half in each bathroom) and a sealed Walmart sized package of his other one and a started roll and new roll of same in each bathroom also. Plus we had another started roll of each and 3 unstarted rolls total in our little RV. I figured the TP would not go bad and if he made him feel better – what the heck.

    Apparently he thinks we use over a roll a week. This was in early March – a week ago I changed a roll for the first time.

  19. Interestingly, I wondered about that. I have a supply of Charmin Mega-rolls and double-rolls. I started a Mega on 4/17, and it’s still going. I calculate my supply to be in the 6-month range. As I’ve noted, TP is starting to become available in the usual places, although not Charmin Ultra-Soft. I could get some of the cheap stuff if desperate, but I’m not.

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