1. What makes you think the being on the right isn’t female? How many sets of breasts do you need on a female?

  2. John Varley’s centaurs (well, Titanides) all had female human features and organs, but were differentiated by sex in their horse half.

  3. Nope: they all had breasts but were differentiated by their human organs in the front. In the back, they had male and female organs.

  4. Dave T: Well, part of me wants to say as many as will fit, but then another part of me thinks the freak-show novelty would wear off.

  5. I can’t say that I am an expert in cryptozoology, but I had never occurred to me to consider that they might be hermaphrodite. I suppose it is possible, but in all of the mythology that I am aware of from antiquity, there’s only one gender for the entire organism when it comes to things like satyrs and centers.

  6. So we accept that a living being can be half man and half cow but not that a male can have udders?

  7. The cow half could be a male. See the 2006 animated movie “Barnyard”.

  8. If we are finished with mammary fixation(*), can we get back to the two most consequential details in this post? First: this comic is dated 29-April-2020, and second: it was submitted by Andréa. I would call that combination a very positive sign.
    P.S. (*) – I’m not at all surprised that everyone who has commented so far has been male.

  9. How many female regulars do we have these days? Meryl (she posts in batches so we might see something later) and Andrea, of course.

  10. @ Brian – There are more women reading and posting at CIDU than you might think at first glance. Many of the IDs used here give no indication of gender, and I’ve guessed wrong (in both directions) on several occasions.

  11. Readers are immaterial, as your original comment was about posters. I don’t doubt there are some with non-indicative IDs, but I haven’t seem many of those then say anything about it.

  12. This is like one argument I’ve heard against the complaint that there were virtually no women characters in the original STAR WARS movie.

    “Hey, how can we know that? There are like a zillion baddies in full-covering body armor running around shooting at Luke and Han in that movie, so how do we know that half of them aren’t female? Or even all of them? You’re just projecting your*own* sexist assumptions onto Mr. Vader, and dismissing out of hand the possibility of a diversity-enlightened galactic dictatorship!”

  13. @ Brian – “I don’t doubt there are some with non-indicative IDs…
    There’s at least one that has made a comment in this very thread.

  14. Yours was the 14th comment. How unusual is it for a thread to get that far and have only male posters? Frankly not anything I pay attention to.

  15. There are plenty of names in here that aren’t immediately “male” to me as a native English speaker:
    -Olivier looks a lot like “Oliver” and I know enough French that I think it’s a French man’s name
    -Targuman looks like it could me someones surname
    -1958 Fury is, of course, “Christine”, so a woman
    -dvandom has a male avatar, but nothing about the name makes it a man’s name
    -Kilby looks like a surname to me
    -B.A.? Is that “Barbara Ann” or “Boris Albert”?
    -MinorAnnoyance does not give the game away
    -Shrug could be one or the other or *shrug*

    Heck, even me and CIDU Bill, well bill has another meaning that is not a man’s name, so you could say, if you didn’t know us, that the names are ambiguous.

    Truly, on the Internet, nobody know’s you’re a dog. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_the_Internet,_nobody_knows_you%27re_a_dog#/media/File:Internet_dog.jpg

  16. “…How unusual is it for a thread to get that far and have only male posters? …”
    I have no idea, and under normal circumstances it would be udderly irrelevant, except that the discussion above seemed to go directly from “gender” to “breasts”, which seemed to indicate a bias. Whether that was “cause” or “effect” is another (unanswerable) question.

  17. P.S. @ Singapore Bill – I believe Shrug has referred to a “Mrs. Shrug” on more than one occasion. Whether that is one or the other is yet another question.

  18. Kilby, as regulars here we have gained some knowledge of each other, to the degree that one cares to share and how well the others can remember. Some of that information will have revealed a given users sex and gender, for sure. But there is nothing inherent in many of those user names that gives it away. If a noob came into this threat, they couldn’t tell as they don’t have that context.

    So B.A. stands for…Kara Zor-El?

    Meryl, thanks for the motaur tip. As I don’t watch network TV, I don’t see commercials (and we have different commercials in Canada). Those were…weird. A bit disturbing. Felt like some sort of Twilight Zone about racism. I enjoyed those.

  19. @ B.A. – That icon is superb. Just as a hint: it’s really easy to set up a Gravatar for whatever e-mail address you use to post here.
    P.S. @ SBill – “If a noob came into this threat …
    That’s the best typo I’ve seen all week.
    P.P.S. @ Noobs: you have been warned! 😉

  20. For the record and because I am pretty open (including the link to my site), “Targuman” is a user name created based upon my academic field of study. I work on ancient, Aramaic version of the Bible called “Targum” and the one who recites it in a synagogue is called a “meturgeman.” So I shortened the latter to become “Targuman.” Somewhere I have a “Superman” type logo a friend made. Oh right, I am male.

    Regarding why I sent this in. I was raised by the son of a cattle rancher who insisted we do 4-H and FFA to learn about farming and large animals. I gained from him a pastoral pedantry about identify the gender of cattle correctly. That is why, for example, “Barnyard” irritated me so much. Otis is clearly a guy and yet so clearly has an udder… Granted, in comics I do not expect great anatomical accuracy, but in the case of the comic under consideration, it was actually the point of the joke.

  21. So B.A. stands for…Kara Zor-El?

    I don’t understand how, unless you’re talking about High Kryptonian, and nobody’s spoken that in kerplokans.

  22. Thanks, Kilby. I used to use Supergirl with her traditional long hair until, well, I cut my hair short. Since I’m not one of those people rioting to force barber shops to re-open, I might have to start looking for a longer-haired Supergirl soon.

    By the way, Gravatar imposes a rather arbitrary 3-letter minimum for names, so they won’t let me sign up.

  23. @ B.A. – I’m not sure, but I think the Gravatar triggers only on the e-mail address, not the name, so you could sign up there for the Gravatar as “Bee-Aye”, but still post here as “B.A.”

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