1. I thought it might happen if the speech balloons in the last panel were instead supposed to be captioning onscreen. Then somebody hearing “M’aidez” thought to render it in translation in the captions — or at least that would be Arlo’s theory.

  2. There was a sketch once upon a time (40 years ago) on the BBC TV show Not The Nine O’Clock News (so called cos it went out on BBC2 at 9pm when BBC1 had The Nine O’Clock News) with simultaneous interpreting as if at a multinational meeting such as the EU. One chap is talking in English while an interpreter is translating him into a form of French. It came to the end with something like:

    SPEAKER: So, as they say in France, “c’est la vie!”
    TRANSLATOR: “Donc, comme on dit en France, “that’s life!”

    Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean, Blackadder) was one of the four members of NTNOCN, along with Pamela Stevenson (now a clinical psychologist married to Billy Connolly), Griff Rhys Jones (later seen doing docs on travel and historic building restorations) and Mel Smith (who directed Atkinson in Bean, and did other stuff, but is now dead).

  3. I bought one set of “Poirot” DVDs while on vacation in southern France (a long time ago). The disks have subtitles, but only in French, not in English, and the French subtitles only translate the spoken dialog in English. That means that whenever Poirot says anything in French, there’s no text to help me figure out what he said.

  4. Kilby, that reminds me of when I was in England and bought a copy of Martin Gardner’s Annotated Snark. Several of the annotations explaining British things to Americans were removed. For instance, the Brits didn’t need an explanation of what crossing a check meant.

  5. I’ve always wondered about this ‘m’aidez’ explaination. In French, we would say ‘à l’aide’ or ‘aidez-moi’.

  6. You say “aidez-moi”, we say “m’aidez”, you say 1st of May, we say May 1st…
    Although really it just sounds like you’re trying to pig-latinize the “mayday” call — aydaymay.

  7. Not ‘1st of May’ but ‘1st May’=’premier mai’.😉
    NB: ‘moi’ is pronounced ‘mwa’.

  8. “Hey Moe, I’m ‘Umbday’ in Pig Latin!”
    “You’re ‘Umbday’ in any language.”

  9. “Help him! Help him!”
    “Help who?”
    “Help the bombardier!”
    “I’M the bombardier!”
    “Than help HIM! Help HIM!”

    Also this makes me think of “The Fly”: “Help meeeeeeeeeeee!”

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