1. But it does show the 80’s was something other than big bangs, which is what some people seem to think.

  2. @chemga-

    You are correct. I grew up in the 80’s with the same attitude. Turns out lots of interesting music was being made outside of the Top 40 charts.

  3. [“Could this come from any period other than the mid-80s?”]

    I don’t know…I’m continuously surprised by how many popular ’80s songs were actually covers of ’50s-early ’60s songs.

  4. It’s really more early 80s. By the mid-80s, hair metal and synth-pop had shoved everything else aside. Also none of them has anywhere near enough hair. Charlotte (the keyboard player) comes close, but she’d need to tease it to about four times its actual volume.

    And I never realized just how much Belinda Carlisle looked like the first girl I had a crush on.

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