Re: Corrections

Since this has come up several times recently…

If you want me to make some spelling correction in a comment you made (or if you spot a typo of mine that bothers you), the best (and only efficient) way to let me know is by emailing me at cidu email.

For the record, when I scan through recent comments (I see them all in one place) and spot an obvious error, I’ll usually just go in and fix it.



  1. How in the world could anyone be bothered by one of Bill’s typos? I’ve sort of grown to accept them as part of the intrinsic charm of this website. 😉

  2. I am the stereotypical editor: other people’s errors jump right out at me (and there’s a surprising number of errors in even mainstream magazines), yet I’m virtually blind to my own

  3. I had much trouble with seplling (not a misspelling in this case) in school. In 6th grade my reading teacher (as opposed to my English teacher who taught writing – makes no sense to me either) had me come in for extra help in spelling. As a result – and with the help of spell check – I am much better than back then. I can generally tell I have misspelled a word (even when no spell check) even if I have to find out how it should be spelled.

    Online writing though, I tend to do too quickly and not proofread before hitting send so entire words can go missing.

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