1. Yep, computers as chairs and that’s obviously not bingo. Should have had some sort of substitute for coffee like margaritas…

  2. I remember this one, from quite a while back. I’m sure there are less comfortable seats than a tower computer but I sure wouldn’t want to sit on one for very long.

    Speaking of PCs, I got the $15 replacement motherboard for my older one and installed it today. Up and running, so now I have two functioning Win 10 machines. Part of me wishes I’d tried that first before buying the replacement, but eh.

  3. “..that’s obviously not bingo. Should have had some sort of substitute for coffee like margaritas…”

    I think it is Bingo playing multiple cards at once. I don’t think when a senior says she is playing Bingo it is ever a white lie or a euphemism for a bit of sinful indulgence and gambling and letting hair down; its understood that bingo *is* a mild sinful bit of indulgence and gambling and letting hair down.

  4. “Funny” is in the eye of the beholder, of course. I don’t find this funny, as the computer could be missing completely, and they could sit on the case. Who are they trying to fool?

    It might as well have been a book club, and you are sitting on a stack of books (e.g., Atlas Shrugged, the Complete Miss Marple, etc.).

    If the computer was a little more involved – such as using the CD tray to hold drinks – I might feel it wasn’t as big of a stretch. Or maybe if the music was provided by the Floppotron.

  5. My favourite “we use computers” deployment was in a cartoon our credit controller at PH International had on her office wall in the 1980s. In the foreground a character is saying something like: “Debt collection has really modernised in recent years – nowadays we use computers!” and in the background we see a fellow credit controller whacking a debtor about the head with a (then rather hefty) keyboard, shaking loose change and notes out of his pocket.

    This same credit controller once wrote a letter to a Middle Eastern bookseller customer which went something like: “I understand your shop in Beirut has been bombed and you have relocated your business to Cyprus. Your account shows $134.80 now past due.” (She may actually have included a line to the effect “sorry to hear that” but I don’t remember that bit).

  6. From the hot days of Linux fandom and open-source attitudinizing, a thread of anti-Microsoft jokes picked up on export restriction rules to ask how a Windows computer could be considered strategic weapons; and answered in terms of dropping them on top of the enemy.

  7. @ Mitch4 – I thought the solution in the movie “Independence Day” was that they installed Windows 95 on the aliens’ systems. 😉
    P.S. In one company that I used to work for, there was no such thing as an outdated computer. We simply called them “doorstops” (and in at least one case there was a PC that was used as such).

  8. @ Kilby – The computer that saved the day in Independence Day was a Macintosh PowerBook 5300, so they probably installed the miserable Mac version of Microsoft Office 4.2 on the aliens’ systems…

  9. The joke is “Old people are stupid and can’t use computers because they’re OLD! So they’re stupid!”

  10. “The joke is “Old people are stupid and can’t use computers because they’re OLD! So they’re stupid!””

    ALmost but not quite.

    It’s more: Young people nag old people they should learn computers because it’s somehow “good for them” and old people just aren’t interested and don’t see the point and they’ve reached a point that the know what the want in life and it’s not keeping up with changing trends of what’s “the right way to do things”. So the young girl nags “Are you -t-a-k-i-n-g-y-o-u-r-v-i-t-a-m-i-n-s- using and learning computers, like you should” and the aunt says “yes, we’re integrating it into a social and fun activities in a way that they are vital” which is literally true but mainly just something to say to shut the little self-righteous brat up.

    (This joke would have been funnier 20 years ago. Today with Facebook and sharing photos of your grandkids and emailing newsletters for your gardening (or basement bourbon distilling) club this rings kind of false.)

  11. 1) I didn’t even recognize those as tower computers at first, never having owned one.

    2) That must be VERY uncomfortable.

  12. woozy: I see no evidence that the Gracie is nagging Tia to use computers. If someone says that they’re going to a “computer group meeting,” it’s perfectly natural to ask if they use computers.

  13. “If someone says that they’re going to a “computer group meeting,” it’s perfectly natural to ask if they use computers.”

    The entire concept of a “Senior Computer Group” is a “Eat your vitamins– they’re good for you vibe” and its clear Carmen and the Group want no part of it. If Gracie didn’t start by nagging, Carmen’s doing preemptive white lying. By the third panel asking someone asking if they use computers in a meeting whose very title is “computer group meeting” seems a bit condescending and school-marmish to me.

  14. I’ve seen it before where old computer computers are donated to family members who aren’t as computer savvy. So instead of throwing out your older computer, why not just give it to an older family member?

    The first three panels of this cartoon are setting us up to believe that younger folk have donated computers for the benefit of senior citizens, for which the seniors are grateful.

    And that may be very well true — but when we see the punchline, we discover that the senior’s use of the computers is different than the donators’ intended use. (In that, as already pointed out above, the seniors use the computers as chairs.)

    Hey, if you’re gonna give them old, clunky technology that takes up too much space in today’s up-and-coming office, why shouldn’t they be used as chairs? Would those ancient computers really be any more useful just sitting on desks?

  15. I’m the oldest immediate family member now, but I’m more likely to be the source of computers. I mentioned above, I have two functioning older computers (although running Win 10). I have another I might tackle. It failed to power up, years ago. I tried a power-supply swap, but that didn’t work, so possibly another motherboard situation. I’ll try to price out boards for it. If they’re $15 like the other, it’d be worth a shot. However, its 1TB hard drive is the data drive on my main PC, and it’s Win 7 anyway. I’d have to look at a drive for it. Might be a candidate for Linux. I could make a boot DVD on one of the others.

  16. My mother – now 91 yo – used a computer for work in the 1980s and forward. When she was at home after she retired my BIL (who works in IT) gave her one of their older family computers for her to use for email and such. A few years later Robert got a new computer, which meant I upgraded to his old computer and I passed my old computer along to mom. This happened a few more times. Then my sister decided to give mom a tablet. What a mistake – she can use it. I would send her email. I would then call as I had not heard back. “The darn tablet only gives me my email every few weeks.” My BIL would go there (this was after we had bedbugs and stopped going to anyone’s house) and would clear out her email on the computer and write down for her how to do so and it would be okay until it filled again.

    So – old lady can use a computer, but not a tablet.

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