1. If your building materials consist entirely of candy what would you use to build a fire pit? Pez apparently. Because they are shaped like little bricks.

    That’s really all there is to it. It’s “the big toe is the captain of the toes” joke.

  2. You make a fire pit with bricks. The house is made of candy. What candy looks like bricks?

  3. “What’s that supposed to be? A fire pit for ants?!?”

    And keep in mind, I hated that movie.

  4. That second-from-the-left Pez dispenser looks like Morty.

    Which makes me wonder: Where’s the Rick one?

  5. It’s confusing because they don’t need that many PEZ dispensers to make a ring of them.

  6. @ toddgz – In my experience (both as a kid and as a parent), PEZ dispensers are always either completely empty, or very nearly so. She appears to have harvested twelve bricks from ten dispensers. I just checked my kids’ collection (of 15 dispensers), and came up a dozen short of that total. In other words: zilch.

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