1. Ha… I actually thought this was pretty funny.

    Usually the fanatic walks around with a sign saying “The End is Near” and warnings of us needing to repent or do whatever one must to face the end times. This one acknowledges the end came and went and iwe were indifferent to it and it was indifferent to us….

    … which is the post-modern existential dread. Not that any horror awaits and judges us but that we will in the end be ignored. Even to ourselves.

  2. I doubt that this is Lee’s intent, but that’s the great fear of apocalyptic Christians, at least the pre-millennarian school. The Rapture happens, and they’re left behind to face the Antichrist.

  3. Normally, doomsayers proclaim that “The End is Near!” But this guy thinks it’s worse than that — the end came and went, and we’re all still here, after the end. Which must be bad, right?

  4. Pandemic reference? The end sadly came for many but if you’re reading this sign it went without us. That interpretation fits in with this typically depressing strip.

  5. What if they declared war, but no one showed up to fight in it?

    Or what if there was a rapture, but nobody got raptured? Kind of anti-climactic, perhaps, but how would you know a rapture took place?

    I think this is along the lines of what the cartoonist was going for.

  6. There have been religious self-proclaimed prophets (even in recent memory) who have predicted the date of the end of the world (such as May/October 21, 2011).

    Their followers tremble in fear waiting for that date, and when that date comes and goes without world-wide change of any significance, the prophet will try to salvage his prediction by saying that he miscalculated the date by a little bit (and that the end will happen at a later time), or that the end did occur — it just happened without most of the world noticing.

  7. On 2015-11-04, he used the same artwork, but the sign read, “it’s Never going to End”. I preferred that one.

  8. *gestures vaguely at everything*

    A lot of this is legitimately worse than most of the apocalyptic dystopian literature I read as a kid. The author of … one of those disease disaster stories titled something like “Contagion” or “Pandemic” or whatever, said something to the effect of, “when we were writing the story, it never even occurred to us to throw in a President who didn’t even TRY to do anything about it, denialists, conspiracy theorists…”

    Police forces in the United States operate with LESS oversight than police forces in some dystopian Cyberpunk I’ve read; while some dystopian fiction had police who just straight-up took stuff from people and got away from it, the idea of “civil forfeiture”, where such grabbing was legally allowed — I don’t remember seeing THAT.

    Our world is, in many ways, well past the points which have traditionally marked “End Times”.

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