Since many of us are on the verge of hallucinating by now…

The Comics Fairy appears and tells you you can choose three comic strip characters to join you for the reminder of the isolation period. Whom would you choose to spend the next month (or more) with?

Keep in mind that they have to get along with one another as well: life is stressful enough without you having to keep breaking up fights.


  1. Krazy. Frank from Bloom County. Pogo. I prefer to be trapped with good people.

    Mooch and Earl would be nice, too.

  2. Arlo and Janis and Samantha Argus-Hamper from Safe Havens. My hope is that Samantha has the scientific know-how to increase our survival chances. On a side note, I’d be interested in knowing how often either Arlo and/or Janis makes everyone’s list.

  3. This is harder than it sounds. My first thought was Lemont Brown from Candorville, Dean from Heart of the City, and after a lot of pondering Gunther from Luann. I figured we could talk about nerdy stuff and play a lot of D&D. After some thought, I decided to drop Dean and Gunther and go for Chris and Marcie from Skin-Horse, but they can’t bring anything radioactive.

  4. Dennis the Menace’s cat Hot Dog, Jughead Jones’ dog Hot Dog, and any other cartoon animal named Hot Dog.

  5. I find myself brooding over how my favorite characters feel about having me in the house. Rat from Pearls Before Swine would likely introduce a Big Box o’Expendables.

  6. As long as we have to do home schooling, we might as well enlist the professionals: I would invite Miss Wormwood (Calvin & Hobbes), Mrs. Olsen (Frazz), and Mrs. Hagemeyer* (Peanuts).
    P.S. (*) – Better known as Miss Othmar; I just happen to have a dozen eggshells (still uncolored) left over from Easter.

  7. I’m not going to narrow it down to three. But with the exception of Arlo, all I’d choose from are among the more minor characters of their strips: Filmore (Sherman’s Lagoon); Momo, Winslow, or maybe Roko (QC); Dina (Dumbing of Age); whatsishame, the policeman from Stone Soup. Most main characters in the comics I’m familiar with tend to be so quirky or perky that either I couldn’t live with them or they couldn’t live with me. And I think that any of these could get along with any others. But they also all have the possibility to win the competition mentioned in this from my quotes file:

    I like being alone. I have control over my own space. Therefore, in order to win me over, your presence has to be better than my solitude. You’re not competing with another person, you are competing with my comfort zone. – Horacio Jones

  8. Blondie, Frazz, and Sophie from Dog Eat Doug. I would have picked Arlo and Janis last, but I wouldn’t want to separate them. And yeah, Pogo would be great, too.

  9. I like Kilby’s idea of the teachers, but I think I’d rather have Mrs. Wingit from Stone Soup. Bubbles from Questionable Content would be a very handy robot to have around to build and fix things. So would Arnold (Gramma’s husband in Stone Soup).

  10. @ chemgal – I don’t follow Stone Soup, so I had to look up Mrs. Wingit. She seems comparable to (but more visible than) Miss Othmar; either one would be fine for my daughter, but I would still need the two dragonesses for my son.
    P.S. Pogo would be an affable quarantine companion, but I think I would prefer Porkypine (whose physical nature would continue to encourage at least a little bit of social distancing). Either one of them would probably insist on adding Miss Mam’selle Hepzibah to the guest list, which would of course be perfectly acceptable.

  11. For compatibility, I think Arlo & Janice could hole up here. Wallace’s Mom is mature/crazy enough to liven the scene.

  12. I wouldn’t want to split up Arlo and Janis, but if both guested they’d drive me crazy with the noises coming from the spare bedroom. (And unless I used my third pick for their cat, they’d miss him, and he’d miss them.) So, no.

    I’m thinking of going with three scientist types — maybe Agatha Heterodyne from GIRL GENIUS; Edison Lee from THE BRILLIANT MIND OF EDISON LEE (even though I dislike the little twerp); and, oh, say Dr. Mel Practice from BOOSTER ROCKIT — on the assumption that they’d likely be able to invent things to keep all safe and amused.

    If it were purely a “guys I’d get along with” thing, I’m thinking possibly both Pogo and Porky from POGO, plus Linus from PEANUTS.

  13. Ooh, Boise Ed, Sophie is an inspired choice. I couldn’t think of anybody (I like living and being alone) but I have 5 cats and they’d tear her to pieces.

    Can someone who lives with 5 cats in a 4-room apartment be said to be living alone?

  14. Dagwood Bumstead, because he can make a great sandwich out of anything. Blondie Bumstead, because she owns a catering business & is obviously a good cook. And Daisy, because how could I separate the Bumsteads from their beloved dog?

  15. It was soooo much later that I realized that apartment number was meant to say “three girls” .

  16. So, Mitch, was there some regulation saying they could only rent the apartment to three women?

    And living in Apartment 10G must have been a nightmare.

  17. Keera Ann, if you don’t bring Calvin along you might be disappointed.

    Actually… a thought… if Hobbes fell into somebody else’s hands, would he develop a different personality? How would Keera Ann’s Hobbes compare to Calvin’s Hobbes?

  18. Now THAT’s an interesting thought, Bill. What would YOUR Hobbes be like? I’m afraid mine would be like Edison Lee.

  19. Janis, and Brandy and Jen from Liberty Meadows.

    Jen would get bored and decide to amuse herself. Which can be a rough experience.

  20. Crowded enough with just the two of us in here – and no place for anyone else to sleep – do comic character need to sleep? Oh wait – would there be some comic charecter to go to the post office and get our mail for us – since there is a problem having it forwarded? Some strip has a postman regular – Blondie?

  21. @ Meryl A – I’m not sure that a comic mailman would be a good idea. Both Blondie’s Mr. Beasley and the unnamed letter carriers in Garfield tend to distribute a lot of mail all over the yard.

  22. Meryl, I never said you were all going to self-isolate at YOUR place: you’ll have a big house, with Hazel thrown in as a bonus to keep it tidy.

  23. Keera suggests Calvin’s Hobbes.

    If we’re thinking of stuffed animals, that do talk with at least one person, there is Mister Smokey from Ç’est la Vie.
    (Oh no, after working so hard to produce that Ç it turns out to be a plain C)

  24. — Well, that’s life!
    == What’s Life?
    — A magazine
    == How much does it cost?
    — A quarter
    == Aw, I’ve only got a dime!
    — Well, that’s life!

    This jokey bit is probably even older than the pricing would suggest.

  25. I first heard the “That’s Life” joke in a song (probably also titled “That’s Life”) and the pricing then was “fifteen cents” but “I only got a nickel.” So it’s at least *that* much older. (I think I heard the song in around 1960, though of course it could have been an oldie already by then.)

  26. CIDU Bill – When we travel we do so in a Chevy Express van converted to a Class B RV as we won’t stay in hotels since we had bedbugs. We would not be going and living in another house. If I can live in a van where the toilet is in a closet, the shower is in the aisle of the van, the bed takes up the back from wall to wall and headboard (at back) to the toilet cabinet on one side of the aisle and the kitchen area on the other side of the aisle, and at 5’1″ I can almost lie flat in the aisle which is the walking space in it while I crawl under the bed to the “big” storage area, we can fit in anyone we need to have here in the house.

    I have an entire village of small teddy bears figureines and hard toy ones living with us in the house plus a small bedroom filled with stuffed bears – as we say about the bears – the more the teddier. 🙂

    If we ever let anyone in the house again after the bed bugs.

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